Poor Vlad, his jaw abscess came back with a vengeance, and part of his jawbone is now gone and I’ll be cleaning and packing his abscess site with gauze & Betadine until his body heals the open wound. The good news is that my darling boy (he’s one of my ❤️ bunnies) still has a great appetite and his winning personality is such that everyone he meets can’t help but love our quirky little man 😘 (Deanna)

The vet bills just keep coming. 😔 If you can help, you’re welcome to donate directly to Apex Animal Hospital or Little Paws Animal Clinic, just give them a call, or financial@rabbitats.org is our our PayPal and e-transfer address. Here’s a GoFundMe link: https://www.gofundme.com/rabbitats-vet-bills-2019

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