Rabbitats’ “Adopt a Stuffy” program teaches kids about rabbits before they buy or adopt a real one.

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Rabbitats is inviting community members to adopt a rabbit stuffed toy before considering buying or adopting real rabbits.Kimmy Xiao

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A local rabbit rescue is making an urgent call for volunteers and donations of stuffed animals ahead of its Easter celebrations.

Rabbitats is bringing back its “Adopt a Stuffy” program at three Richmond and Vancouver events over Easter weekend to help kids and parents learn more about rabbits before buying or adopting a real one.

The program invites community members to choose a stuffy from the Rabbitats adoption counter at each Easter event. An adoption certificate will be provided along with care instructions.

“People need to be prepared if they’re going to acquire a rabbit. They need to know what to expect, what kind of care they’re going to need and especially the importance of getting them spayed and neutered,” said Rabbitats founder Sorelle Saidman.

While legitimate rescues will take their rabbits back when things don’t work out, Saidman explained, breeders, pet stores, Craigslist and people who rehomed their rabbits through social media will not do the same.

“There will be very few if any options to rehome the rabbit if the bunny ends up unwanted.”

She added Easter is a “prolific time” for impulse purchases by people who lack an understanding of the needs of rabbits that result in pet rabbits being abandoned “in droves.”

However, with just one week left before Easter, Rabbitats is in need of more bunny stuffed toys.

“We don’t have as many stuffies as we thought we had,” Saidman told the Richmond News.

Donations can be dropped off at the FabPad in Steveston during regular business hours or at the Bunny Cafe on Venables Street in East Vancouver.

Community members can also drop off their donations at Lulu Island Winery during the Rabbitats Easter BunnyFest on March 31.

The rescue also needs more volunteers for its Easter events, in addition to regular bunny care and general labour volunteers for its Richmond shelter.

Rabbitats’ Easter events will kick off with the “Hoppy Easter” celebration at Lansdowne Centre on Friday, March 29, where community members can feed and bond with bunnies for a $5 donation.

This will be followed by an Easter Bunny Showcase in the Kids Market on Granville Island on March 30, featuring real bunnies on display and rabbit-themed Easter gifts.

The rescue will wrap up the Easter weekend with the BunnyFest on Sunday. Admission is by donation and visitors will get to enjoy a bunny meet and treat session for a $5 donation in addition to crafts, games and rabbit-themed Easter gifts.

Queries about bunny stuffies can be sent to events@rabbitats.org. For more information about volunteering at Rabbitats, visit rabbitats.org/volunteer.

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