With the RHD virus potentially in our area, there are few options for people who stumble upon sick rabbits. But turning down critically ill babies is beyond difficult, so we enlisted the help of a friend with biosecurity awareness, a huge heart and no rabbits of her own. Laura-Leah Shaw dropped everything she was doing to go pick up this little guy after Kevin from Kanata Blankets in Richmond called us about a street baby that wasn’t running away from him. It turns out he was suffering from injuries and a terrible case of flystrike. It’s apparent he was picked up by a bird and dropped on his face given the tell-tale talon marks — and the lack of front teeth. We have to give huge kudos to the Terra Nova Veterinary Clinic in west Richmond for seeing him so late and doing so much.  (They’re a great clinic, we’ve always liked them). So far the little guy is hanging in there. He’s hungry and trying to eat, but that’s not working well given the lack of teeth. Deanna Hamm is heading over to Laura-Leah’s with some Critical Care and Wombaroo rabbit milk. Wish him luck!!

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