As I’m sure many are hearing, there have been suspicious deaths at RAPS in Richmond (inside and out) and Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is suspected but not confirmed.
Rabbitats had already pulled most of the rabbits out of Richmond when we lost our office space and garage at the Richmond Auto Mall, we only had a few house bunnies and special needs guys in a trailer behind the old office, and they have been moved to our temporary Granville location and quarantined.
We also have colonies in Delta and our Surrey sanctuary rabbits, and no visitors have been allowed since the outbreak on Vancouver Island was confirmed over a month ago.
We’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of the vaccine for the several hundred rabbit under our wing, but if this is RHDV-2, the outlook is pretty grim for all the Richmond ferals. Its a horribly helpless feeling. The best line of attack is to continue fundraising to bring in as much of the vaccine as possible, and to warn people to STAY AWAY FROM THE FERAL RABBITS! We can’t stress this enough. The potential of spreading the virus, if it is indeed in Richmond, far outweighs any benefits.

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