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Donate today & help bunnies in need!

Rabbitats Rescue Society is a CRA registered charity (#715079695 RR 0001) that relies solely on donations from people like you.

Your kind donations go towards providing these cute and cuddly rabbits with an endless supply of food and veterinary care, and with your help, a safe space for hundreds more.

We encourage monthly donations for the stability of our rescue.

Cheques can be mailed to:
Rabbitats Rescue Society
9231 No. 6 Road,
Richmond, BC, V6W 1E5

* DO NOT USE THIS DONATION FORM TO PAY FOR MEET + TREAT EVENTS! * This is very important. Please refer to the link sent to you when your booking has been confirmed.

Donations in Kind

Wish List:

  • Space to house rabbits (land, horse stalls, barns, coops, garages, homes, etc)
  • Rabbit-Themed Arts & Crafts
  • Rabbit-themed Fabric
  • Construction Materials:
    • Plywood, posts, 2x4s and more
    • Acrylic, Metal and Tile Roofing Materials
    • Roadbase (crushed rock and sand)
    • Screws, Hinges (especially Piano Hinges), other hardware
    • Non-toxic paint (bright colors)
  • Exercise Pens
  • Cube Shelving Panels
  • Zip Ties
  • Vinyl Mats (all sizes)
  • Bottles and Cans for Recycling
  • Bales of Hay – timothy and other grass hay (can contain a small amount of alfalfa)
  • Litter – pine pellets (horse stall or wood stove)
  • Rabbit pellets – all brands, especially Sherwood or Martin Little Friends Timothy
  • Tree Branches – pesticide-free, dried apple, pear, willow or birch
  • Rabbit edible herbs, greens, and other plants
  • Snacks for Volunteers (preferably vegan)
  • Storage Locker

Help us rescue rabbits

Your generous contributions help us provide food, shelter, and veterinary care to the 300+ rabbits in our shelters.