Our hearts go out to our comrades at RAPS. And so does our gratitude for taking this horrendous but ultimately very necessary step. No one can and should underestimate this horrible virus. Rabbitats has been trying to take steps to help limit the exposure to all rabbits in Richmond and came to the realization that the RAPS shelter was one of the most problematic destinations. It’s a very old building, it’s very busy, they take in all kinds of animals and they had more rabbits than would fit in a secure room. And the ferals liked to visit. They really did do their best but quarantine was pretty much impossible. Taking this tragic but brave step really was the right thing to do. Any surviving rabbits would have been carriers. We sincerely hope Rabbitats is never put in this same situation. The message that needs to get out there now is, again, to STAY AWAY FROM THE FERAL RABBITS. And vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. 

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