Volunteer crews led by Julia of Bunny Homes have been hard at work setting up the bunny holding area at the Richmond Auto Mall to accommodate the rabbits who will be trapped, spayed/neutered and relocated to the Precious Life Animal Sanctuary in Sequim, Washington in the immediate future and other destinations in the very near future (gov’t permissions and public support willing!)  Julia, Deanna, Ava, Del, Sandra, Rae, Mai, Neil, Tasha, Iqy, Debbie and Jenn are just a few of the volunteers who  are making this whole rescue happen.  It’s taken a loooong time to get enough people together, but this team is awesome!  (And we have to thank all of Julia’s bunnies who are currently test out the pending digs!  They like it!!)
The biggest thanks still has to go to the Richmond Auto Mall, however, for supporting this rescue!
(PS:  While on the subject of supporters, get well wises to one of our vets, Dr. Rana.  Get well soon!)

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