Our bunnies are getting old. We had to let little Spot go, she was one of our earliest girls, she was caught as an adult and with us over five years. She was skin and bones. Dr. Rana gave her a chance to recover with supplements and one-on-one care, but her condition seemed terminal so we had to say goodbye. And now Ingrid, another old girl, has a facial abscess. Thanks again to Dr. Rana for staying late to do the surgery. We also have an issue with a little grey rabbit we’re calling Squirt. He’s always been a bit of a loner but didn’t appear to be picked on until now. He has a bad bite on his eye. We’d like to get him out of the colony when her recovers, but unless we can set up another little ‘rabbitat’ somewhere soon, we’re not sure that’s possible. Poor Squirt! Here is a link to our ailing Sick Bunny Fund. Any help will be much appreciated.

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