Celebrate and Educate!

Our adorable rabbits will be back at Lavenderland in Richmond, BC to celebrate the annual Moon Rabbit (Mid-Autumn) Festival, this year taking place on Saturday, September 10th.

The Moon Rabbit Meet n’ Treat will celebrate the Moon (or Jade) rabbit Chinese folklore and traditions while providing domestic rabbit education to all comers. The event will also feature a crafts and quiz table for kids and rabbit-related sale items for all.

Event: Moon Rabbit Meet n’ Treat and Rabbit Information Sessions
Date/Time: Saturday, September 10th, 2022, 11 am to 4 pm.
Location: Lavenderland – 8460 Steveston Hwy, Richmond, BC
For more information please contact event@rabbitats.org or media@rabbitats.org.

Richmond is a major centre for abandoned pets and their feral offspring with well over 1000 rabbits loose and breeding in the municipality. The Chinese community provides tremendous support for Rabbitats as we try to solve this issue, and as we approach the Year of the Rabbit – 12 years after the rescue’s inception.

Information will be provided for rabbit lovers and rabbit haters and those still on the fence. Our educational efforts will cover rabbits as pets (is a rabbit the right pet for you?), rabbit-related community contact information and even gardening tips with topics like rabbit proofing and the wonders of rabbit compost.

Our signature Meet n’ Treat where people can hand-feed our rescued rabbits treats will be a highlight for all.

The event is in-part sponsored by a Richmond Community Foundation grant for which we are grateful!

Admittance is ‘first come, first served’ as the capacity is limited. There will be both indoor and outdoor options. We will be requesting a minimum donation of $5 at the door to cover expenses and support the rescue and there will be an additional charge of $4 for a cup of salad and access to the bunny feeding area.

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