One evening a few years ago in Green Timbers Park in Surrey, a Rabbitats supporter noticed two dumped bunnies. The supporter quickly called Rabbitats and with the help of two passersby, the volunteer was finally able to catch the rabbits a bit past midnight. Once they safely arrived at the Rabbitats shelter, it was determined that the two bunnies were not a bonded couple, and were put up for adoption separately.

Lynn wanted to look for a bunny companion for Boo, pictured above

The next day, Lynn (who is also a Rabbitats volunteer) came down with her first bunny, Boo to meet the two bunnies and hopefully see if one was a match! Lynn ended up bringing one of the rabbits home and named her Luna. Since then, we are happy to share that Boo and Luna have become a bonded pair and have been happily living together since!

Lynn has given up half of her kitchen space for Boo and Luna. They have hiding places, two hay feeders, toys, and even a window to look at the patio! During the warm summers, Lynn enjoys taking them into the backyard. Boo and Luna are natural lawnmowers, and love to munch on the grass.

Speaking of food, Boo and Luna get salad and a handful of Timothy pellets every morning and night. Their salad consists of washed red or green leaf lettuce, kale, cilantro,  dill, parsley, bok choy,  anise, mint leaves, basil leaves, carrot tops and dandelion greens in the summer.  What a lovely treat!

Boo on the left (black bunny) and Luna on the right (white spotted bunny)

Boo and Luna warm up Lynn’s heart. They are inquisitive, calming, and entertaining. Lynn enjoys lying on the rug and playing with them. From having Boo and Luna, she has learned that bunnies have different personalities and are loving animals who help ease her anxiety and depression.

Lynn’s advice for perspective bunny owners is to ensure that they have a bonded pair to keep each other company, and to join knowledgeable bunny groups on Facebook such as the House Rabbit Society or Bunny Power. In addition, make sure they have stimulating toys such as natural apple tree branches, willow balls, boxes, or empty towel rolls filled with hay and treats.

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