Deanna Hamm takes such good care of our special needs guys. She built a nest from loose bunny hair for the little baby picked up off the street earlier this week, and when he/she started to get the dreaded diarrhea stressed out babies are prone to, she nursed the little one back to proper poops. She’s also been keeping the little tyke warm and de-stressed with some reassuring cuddles, and she’s been getting some grooming in return. The baby isn’t out of the woods yet, but he or she is in very good hands.

The little white baby found on the street went to see Dr. Martinez at the Little Paws Animal Clinic today. The little tyke tested positive for parasites so he or she (still too young to tell) has been prescribed panacur and (expensive) supplements along with nutritious food (like Dr. Joseph’s own dandelion). Thankfully there’s no sign of coccidia or further signs of enteritis. Please donate to our Sick Bunny Fund to help us keep helping these rabbits!

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