Joan Jett (or JJ for short) was rescued off the streets of Richmond. This momma was very motley looking, hair missing everywhere, likely a combination of birthing many litters (they pull their hair out to make nests) and from the stress of living on the streets. She was also very very shy, spending most of her time hiding from the scary humans.

JJ was days away from her spay appointment when her foster mom heard some tiny little squeaks coming from her pen. Sure enough, JJ gave birth to 6 sweet little babies (including Buns). Her foster parents kept her and her babies until they were all old enough to be adopted, but JJ stayed. Everyone wants to adopt the pretty rabbits, the colourful rabbits, the floppy eared rabbits. No one wants the semi-hairless black rabbit. Her foster parents loved her anyways and months went by and the foster-home eventually turned into her furever home (another failed foster!).

JJ has since flourished. She does not like most other rabbits so she has a large space all to herself, including her own sectional couch she loves to jump on and her own bunny-sized bed she spends a lot of time lounging on. All her hair has grown back and she now has the softest fur you have ever felt.

She enjoys going outside and digging holes, and loves loves loves her food and Nutrinom treats!

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