Buns was born in a foster home a few days before his mommy’s scheduled spay appointment. What a surprise they were! The babies all grew up, got spayed/neutered and found new homes, all except Buns. Buns was diagnosed with a heart murmur and the vet did not want to risk putting him under anesthetic for fear he wouldn’t wake up, so he didn’t get neutered. That meant he had to be alone (to prevent more accidental litters!).

A mature male bunny with hormones ragging – he was fiesty, to say the least. He was renamed ‘Turd’ by shelter volunteers as he was known to nip at your fingers when you tried to feed him.

His previous foster mom (the house he was born in) heard about his troubles at the shelter and decided to foster him again as she had a whole room he could have all to himself (away from her other bunnies). That ‘foster home’ turned into a long-term foster home, turned into a ‘your-never-getting-Buns-back’ home. He had stolen his foster parent’s hearts. He eventually got neutered and made it through the surgery no problem.

He still has a heart murmur, which makes him all the more special as he has good days and bad – and you know when it’s a bad day because he nips at your heals and will chase you out of his bedroom. He is a very vocal bunny – he grunts to show his displeasure if you feed him the wrong type of salad – no dill, more basil.

The notch in his ear is from a fight he got into with the other male bunny in the house, so now they are separate, each getting 1/2 of the house!

He is a spoiled boy who lives free-range in the same house as 4 other bunnies, including his biological bunny-mommy JJ. He spends a lot of time on his own bunny-sized bed, but even more time on the human-bed that he has claimed as his own. He loves to binky and do the bunny-500, especially in the morning as he gets very excited to get his breakfast!

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