back row: Emma, Maya, Carlyn, Kathy;  front row: Sarah, Sofia, Ally, Brooke


A group of young North Shore girls from Blueridge Elementary has made our day, if not our week!  The girls’ teacher, Mr. Wyatt, had read their class a newspaper article about all the abandoned pet rabbits as a critical thinking exercise.  All the kids showed concern, but the eight girls felt compelled to take it one step further and raise some money to help save the bunnies.
They each made bracelets, some braided, some beaded, some that looked like rabbits!
School principal Kathy Kee gave them permission to sell the bracelets after school on the school grounds one day a week for three weeks and it was a whopping success.
They raised close to $280 dollars!
They saw another story detailing the plight of the Richmond Auto Mall rabbits and the plan to save them, they called the BunnyHop Line. With the Auto Mall matching those funds, it becomes an even more substantial $560!!
  • RabbitFact: $560 will cover eight spay or neuters, 35 bales of hay or 300 feet of ground wire.  🙂
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