If the Richmond Auto Mall rabbits have read the same manual as the biologists, breeding season should soon be winding down.  Few if any babies are expected to be born from November to the end of January.

If that’s true, this little guy might be the last of his ilk for awhile.


As noted in the blog (http://http://puppy52art.com/blog/feral-bunny-stalking-2), the baby came running up to photographer Chun as soon as he saw her.

Trapping traditionally starts when breeding season ends to ensure no babies are left in the nests, and when the rabbits are hungrier and easier to trap.  The Auto Mall hopes to work with the provincial government to get permission to do so during this narrow window.

Please consider donating, adopting or volunteering by calling the BunnyHop Line at (604) 273-3243.

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