The Rabbitats Rescue Society is the very proud and very grateful recipient of a $6000 donation from world-acclaimed artist Carson Ting following the amazing instant sell-out of his Billion Buns NFT collection.

Carson, a very well-known award-winning illustrator who operates the small but mighty Chairman Ting Industries art and design studio in Vancouver, BC, with wife and partner Denise Cheung, is also a very dedicated rabbit fan. Rabbitats was often tasked with bunny-sitting Bella, a little dutch dwarf who lived with the Ting family for over 15 years before passing away in the spring of 2020.

(You can read her tribute, here: ❤

Carson is known for his A-list advertising clients and his many art installations and projects from murals to sculptures to album covers and bunnies have always played a prominent roll – and this is the case a billion times over with his latest project. The Billion Buns are an illustrated NFT collection of 888 unique NFTs “that follow the lives of a progressive and highly inquisitive species called the ‘Buns’, forced to flee their home planet, Bananas” to Earth. The captain, crew and 800 whimsical and stylish passengers are now among us.

The collection went up for sale to the public on January 10th and sold out in 48 seconds! Carson, also well-known for his philanthropy, donated 10% of the proceeds – a total of $24,000 — to four charities, including Rabbitats.

Our hundreds of buns are so thankful to Carson’s billions!

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