Back in 2015, someone abandoned this poor rabbit because she couldn’t hop without falling over.  Luckily, some nice person found her and brought her to Apex Animal Clinic. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find anything medically wrong with her, so we went to a temporary foster home. It took her awhile to trust her foster parents, but she slowly came around. With that trust, she miraculously also started moving around without falling over.

Needless to say, she won the hearts of her foster parents and they became her furever parents. 

She lives in the kitchen of a home with other bunnies. She is the sweetest and most laid back girl, and she never goes far from her 3 beds. Each of which bed has a different meaning of when you can pet her!

She is definitely her Daddy’s special girl – she gets so excited to hear his voice and she can’t get enough of him! When her Daddy goes away on trips, Popcorn enjoys writing him notes to guilt him into come home early!

It’s hard to imagine someone not wanting her but her new parents are so very HAPPY that Popcorn is in her forever home!

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