2020 has been a year that will go down in history for a variety of reasons, for some those reasons are mostly negative. Within this year, we’ve seen what the world can do if we pull together. With your help, we could help pull off a little more for over 300 bunnies under the Rabbitats umbrella! Any monetary donations help out in so many ways. As with most non-profits, donations have been scarce and most of our fundraising events had to be cancelled due to COVID. We saw an influx of close to 100 rabbits when veterinary clinics were not able to spay or neuter and these extra mouths are literally eating us out of house and home!

This holiday season, please consider Rabbitats in your donations. Let’s make it a heartwarming season for everyone!

Please note: that even though the above form just says “PayPal”, once you click that button it will allow for credit card donations! It’s a technical glitch we are working on, thanks!

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