Rabbitats and the Semiahmoo Animal League Inc, an organization that marries at-risk animals and at-risk kids, joined forces to build an indoor/outdoor ‘rabbitat’ at SALI’s Farm in south Surrey, and on April 11th we brought our beloved ‘meat’ colony to the facility and introduced them to their new home.
The colony consists of the rest of our rabbits rescued from a breeder who was shutting down a terribly abusive operation  — Mopsy (aka Grandma), Luna, Nippers and Houdini – as well as three of Richmond Auto Mall bunny Joan Jett’s grown up babies – Roo, Rolo and Buzz Buzz — and West, an owner-surrender who bonded with this group.  We were both happy and sad to say goodbye to our awesome shelter colony who entertained us so beautifully for much of the past year.  It was hard letting go, but they have gone to the most awesome home ever.
This was exactly the kind of project Rabbitats was set up to do.  We have to thank Keryn, Chris and especially Jane for not only letting us build a ‘rabbitat’ there, but also for doing almost all of the work!!!  (It wasn’t planned that way but their volunteers are amazing!)  We will miss our bunnies terribly, although they’re not far from our Surrey shelter, so we can still visit, and of course we’ll be helping out when we can. (We’re still working on building the outside run for the guys, so we’d love to see some more Rabbitats volunteers involved, hint hint!)
Here’s a video of the bunnies arrival.  They settled right in!



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