Dear Former Guardian:
What were you thinking? Really.
I have your bunny. I’m tempted to post a eulogy for your rabbit and let you think that he was dead. He would have been, a few hours later. It was a total fluke the right rabbit person (me) drove by at that place (a nature park) and time (before dusk).

There are hundreds of abandoned domestic rabbits and their offspring out there, a lot of them are colourful little guys. But out of the corner of my eye, as we whizzed by, this one seemed… different. I did my chores, and went back.
My instincts were right. It was a purebred long-haired harlequin Jersey Wooly or Lionhead on the nature park side of a busy corner connecting a major highway with the road that runs in front of a busy auto mall.
He was munching hesitantly on grass, wary, but friendly. He was easy to grab.
I’m sure the coyote with the den nearby would have thought the same thing.
So what were YOU thinking?
Did you dump him off at the Nature Park thinking there were no predators? Hardly.
But maybe you dropped him off at the Auto Mall. Their rabbits have been in the news lately. DId you think he’d have a lot of little friends and even get rescued?
Well it doesn’t work that way.
Your sweet little rabbit is all full of bite marks. One of his testicles is horribly swollen. His ‘little friends’ probably beat the crap out of him and chased him to the road.
And he was one of the lucky ones who actually made it to the other side. Four or five a day don’t.
He probably didn’t know he was going from the frying pan to the fire — the nature park enemies have much bigger teeth.
But he’s here with me now. By pure chance. Nobody normally rescues these rabbits. And certainly nobody’s out looking for abandoned house bunnies
His beautiful long silky coat is one big mat housing burrs and thistles. He’s hopping funny probably due to his injuries.
But what an outgoing and friendly little guy he is! He comes when he’s called (although it’s ‘hey you!’ at his point). He’s following me around like a puppy. He’s a dream bunny.
You’re a nightmare. How anyone could abandon a love bug like him? it’s beyond me.
What were you thinking?

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