Iqy Gill writes:

I have some sad news to tell you about. Tonight my girlfriend and I were at the auto mall to check in and feed the bunnies like we do nearly every Saturday night. Do you remember the mama bunny? The one with the broken leg by the Lexus dealership? She had a baby bunny whose photo I have attached. I befriended this little fella back in August when I would go out to check on the mama and see how her leg was healing. This little baby bunny was by in the far the most friendliest and full of life bunny I had ever met. I’m at the auto mall everyday after work since I work close by so I can check in on the mama and her mate and this baby bunny.

Over the past months I’m sure they had grown accustomed to my visits and every single time I would come the baby bunny would come galloping out from wherever he was hiding to greet me and to eat whatever bits of lettuce and carrots and apple I would have for him and for his family.

The past few weeks I noticed that the baby bunny who I call baby but is actually a mid sized bunny probably less than one year old.. this bunny had two itty bitty little baby bunnies who hung around with him. Not sure where these two little ones came from but the three of them were friends. Which is a good thing because I’m sure they felt safe around him and shared his warmth in these cold nights. I fear that these two little ones are now not going to make it.

Their companion, and my little friend was killed tonight. I was across the street at the Murchies and turned around when I saw a car coming around the corner and before I knew it my little friend was run over. I saw it happen :(.. I watched his poor little body twitching in pain. I went over to him and carried him and held him tightly in my arms as he died. This innocent little bunny whom I consider to have a soul just like any of us died in my arms 🙁

I took his body over to where the mama bunny and her mate were. I laid him down gently on the grass and left him there. I guess I wanted to show the mama that her baby was no longer with us so that she would not be searching for him had I just taken him away. I don’t know if she knows but both the mama and the mate were looking at the baby’s body as it was laying there motionless.

I went to my car and got a roll of towel paper. I wrapped up his little body as best and as respectfully as I could. Then wrapped him gently in a bag and carried him in my arms till I could find one of the security guards. I didn’t want to leave his little body on the sidewalk and the kind security gentleman told me that whenever they find bodies they put them in a refuse bin. But he is a kind old man and he told me that there is a wooded little area between Murchies and Boston Pizza and that I could lay him to rest there. We walked over to there and I found a box and I gently put his broken little body inside and as best I could with what I has I buried my little friend :(..

In my heart I now fear for those two little baby bunnies whom he befriended. I went to the little babies and both of them were huddled together and I am certain that they were probably wondering where their larger friend was at 🙁 Will they survive on their own? Probably not. Baby bunnies that my girlfriend and I saw in September/October are nowhere to be found anymore.
These poor little ones are dying a slow painful death from cold and starvation. I’m not telling you something that you don’t already know. I know how much you guys care. I haven’t been able to sleep all night. I’ll sleep for an hour then wake up and see his little face 🙁 and am unable to go back to sleep. We need to help this little guys and we need to do it now.
Can we do anything to help these little ones? We all need to work together. Every rabbit lover including individuals, Bfb, Rabbitats and any other local group who fees this empathy towards our little rabbit friends. I know that each group might have some friction amongst themselves but we have one common interest do we not? And that is the fact that we care and feel for these poor little bunnies suffering and dying on the streets of Richmond. Please can we all work together to help our little friends 🙁 Together we can do something wonderful to alleviate their suffering.
Tonight was the worst night of my life ever. I’ve lost loved ones before but tonight a loved one died in my arms. A precious happy and energetic little life who wanted nothing more than to fill his tummy. I lost my little friend tonight :(……”

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