Exactly 300 bunnies at our Richmond shelter on Sunday and another 53 at the Bunny Cafe on the previous Thursday thanks the awesome Dr. Ryan Wong. RHDV2 is a major threat to rabbits especially this time of year. Weather issues more than once so it was such a relief to get them all done, finally. Thanks so much to the vax team – Deanna, Chelsea, Jillian, Cara Jo, Jon and Dana – and FunforGoal kids, and big apologies to the regular volunteers who had to clean up the big mess left after catching 300 bunnies! We track every rabbit and we know exactly when they are due but with rabbits moving around, bunnies being bonded, pulled for illness or injury, merging and creating new colonies etc it’s, really hard to just go in and cherry pick so we just do them all. Some may not be quite due yet and others may be well overdue, but now we have a new starting point for next year.

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