It looks like Rabbitina (or Tina) has a home with Darcy, or at least so far, so good. Tina was born at the shelter but we not only never knew who her daddy was, we weren’t totally sure who her mom was! Two moms picked up at the Auto Mall had their litters together right after we got them and we couldn’t tell whose were whose. But five were grey and then there was this feisty brown girl who looked nothing like any of the other Auto Mall rabbits. (We kept asking, ‘who’s your daddy?‘ But no-bunny was talking). She was initially inseparable from her sister Ernestine but not as much when they were old enough to be spayed and join the colony. Tina was always a terror at our events chasing the other bunnies, but she seems to have found her forever friend in Darcy. Thanks so much to Vlad and Carling. (And also thanks for the shop vac!) PS:Ernestine (or Ernie) is still available!

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