Olaf & Nutmeg, two of our favourite big colony bunnies, have decided lately that life is better together ♥️ and we’re thinking that, if the right adoptive family is interested in giving them a home, these two can retire from colony life together!
Olaf is almost 6 years old now and has less patience for the shenanigans of the spirited younger buns. Nutmeg is almost 4 years old now, and being a Rex bunny with insatiable curiosity, definitely needs a home with lots of room to roam and adequate bunny-proofing.
The sweet thing is that Nutmeg has never travelled well with other bunnies to our events, so usually got her own carrier, but she’s peaceful as can be with her big man Olaf.
Please contact us if you think you have the right home for these two big-personality bunnies.
We’re located in Richmond, BC

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