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Help Rabbitats get a beautiful forever co-op home in Langley!

A place to call your own can be the ultimate comfort…

This holiday season, Rabbitats and our colonies are hoping for a place to be OUR fur-ever home!

Our existing locations are all rented properties slated for development.

Until now, Rabbitats has rescued and rehabilitated hundreds (if not thousands!) of injured and abandoned rabbits across the Lower Mainland.  We have been closed for intake of new rabbits in need recently due to a heartbreaking lack of space and stability. 

 Now we have an amazing opportunity for a permanent space!

If we can raise the funds, we will be part of the Kindred Village, partnering with the Kindred Community Farm people and other like-minded folks on a 10-acre property under a co-housing umbrella.  The project can be positioned to be self-sustaining through ecotourism projects (who wouldn’t want to vacation at a farm sanctuary with a ‘rabbit village’!?), growing our bunnies’ food, and so much more that will do wonders for our cause.

We need $185,000 to buy into this project by January 31, 2023!

We understand this is a high order. If this works out, though, our monthly overhead will be very doable without further assistance. 

It won’t be easy, and we (and the bunnies!) are counting on our ENTIRE community to help us try to make this happen this Giving Season!


Are you in? Awesome! Here’s what you need to do:

Donate – help give rescue rabbits the stability of owning their own home! Donate to this fundraiser now!

Share – Your power to help us reach this goal is in much more than what you can give – it’s in who you can inspire as well!   Crowdfunding is all about SHARING after all!  So copy and share this link – or better yet go to the share bar at the top of this campaign and post to social media, email to your network, even put a widget on your webpage!

Invest – Join our mission and invest with us! This can be an equity project. Email financial@rabbitats.org for details.

In return, we’ll post updates to this campaign with LOTS of awesome information about our buns, the plight of abandoned rabbits, care tips and more!

We and our buns thank you!

If this property doesn’t work out, we will be exploring other co-housing projects, so the investment will be going towards new housing for the rabbits whether we reach our goal or not.

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Your generous contributions help us provide food, shelter, and veterinary care to the 300+ rabbits in our shelters.