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All our adoptable bunnies have been spayed/neutered and vaccinated for RHD. If you have a bunny and are looking for a mate, we suggest setting up a "speed dating" session for your bunny to pick its own mate as bunnies can be picky!

If you've done your research and believe you are ready to adopt your new forever friend, click the button below to fill out an adoption application form.


Charlie and Lola

Age: Adult | Genders: Male + Female

This fuzzy duo is after our hearts. Lionhead siblings, this pair loves each other dearly. Charlie, grey, is a total cuddle bug. He's super relaxed down for cuddles all day, any day! Hugging him is like hugging a fluffy teddy bear. Lola, brown, brings the spice to this duo. She's sassy, independent, and a bit of a princess.


Age: Adult | Gender: Female

Miss Mystery is the perfect house bunny. The origins of Mystery are unknown (thus, the name) but we believe she is at least 4 years old. We've tried speed dating this brown-eyed beauty in the past, but she always seems to freak the boys out. So if you've been searching for a solo bun, this gal is the one for you. She's super human-oriented, adores her pets, and will even give you a few kisses once you get to know her.

Mr. + Mrs. M

Age: Senior | Genders: Female + Male

This senior duo are the last of our "big-whites" colony, previously made up of several peacefully co-existing buns. Maggie is a big beauty, gentle but with ample personality. AKA, she makes it known if she's displeased (grooming is a process!). Mr. M is her sleepy, beloved hus-bun. Both love the outdoors, digging and loafing in the grass through the warmer months.

Roger + Jojo

Age: Adult | Genders: Male + Female

These buns are three-years-old and cute as a button. They're gentle souls and definitely on the shy side. Unfortunately, they just haven't met the right family yet to show them how great humans can be! We're confident that with the right family, Roger and Jojo will open up and become the perfect house bunnies... but someone needs to take a chance on them.


Age: Adult | Gender: Male


Age: Adult | Gender: Male

Do you have a crazy single bunny who is constantly begging for you to get them a friend? Well, Tootsie might be the guy for you! A surrendered pet, Tootsie lost his previous partner last year and has been riding solo ever since. He is very sweet and gentle and we are confident his personality is going to shine the most when he is adopted with another bunny friend!

Steve Poco

Age: Adult | Gender: Male

Steve is a very small (fully grown!) holland lop. He is a surrendered house pet and has been vaccinated and neutered upon intake. He has been in foster for a few months and is eager to meet his forever family. He could go as a single bun or to be speed-dated with another bun. If he does go as a solo bun, it is likely that he will need a friend later on so be prepared for future speed-dating!


Age: Young | Gender: Female

Daughter of beloved alum-bun Daisy, Millsy is waiting patiently for her forever home. While her foster family loved her very much, since she did not get along with their bunny they were not able to keep her long-term. Millsy is a beautiful pure-black beauty who is ready to shower you with love and show off her binky skills! Her young age (just over a year) and patience makes her the perfect candidate for a speed date.


Age: Young | Gender: Male

Kuzy is one year old, very friendly, a sucker for cuddles, and a total ham for the camera. He absolutely needs a bun-friend to give him all the attention he requires, as well as an attentive human family. At the shelter, he's very interested in his neighbors, clearly lonely living as a bachelor. We would love to get him speed dated and home ASAP!

Otto + Sybil

Age: Adult | Genders: Male + Female

These two are true couple GOALS! Otto was pulled from a colony earlier this year (unfortunately, he was getting bullied) and was all alone at the shelter... until the fateful day when he met the love of his life, Sybil. She was also a solo bunny at the shelter around the same age. They fell in love immediately and are the sweetest love-buns ever!


Age: Adult | Gender: Male


Age: Adult | Gender: Male


Age: Adult | Gender: Male


Age: Adult | Gender: Male

Bunton is a small but sturdy bun, with a little extra chonk on him from his shelter days (all the more fluff to cuddle!). Most of Bunton's siblings have been long adopted to forever families, but this cutie has been left at the shelter for nearly his entire life... over 900 days.


Age: Adult | Gender: Male


Age: Adult | Gender: Female


Age: Adult | Gender: Male


Age: Adult | Gender: Male

Oscar + Felix

Age: Adult | Gender: 2 Males

These two were both longtime residents of our Richmond sanctuary, and now you can meet them at The Bunny Cafe! Oscar was actually born at the shelter, and at 3.5 years old, it's long overdue that these two find their forever home. You can recognize Felix by his beautiful orange harlequin coat and Oscar by his cute white facial markings. These buns are very friendly, coming up for pets when greeted by volunteers (thanks, Judy!). They also have near perfect litter habits, a skill that will only improve once their living quarters get bigger and they get comfy in their new home.

Creamsicle + Winston

Age: Adult | Gender: 2 Males

This fuzzy bum is a shelter favorite. A 2-year-old angora, he's beyond friendly, a total goofball, and greets everyone he sees with a few spins around his enclosure. Creamsicle is a wobbly bun, with neurological issues that get him all spun about. When he's off balance, you'll likely see him spinning in circles, tilting his chin up to the ceiling. But despite his wobbly nature, you'll truly never meet a happier bun. He loves human attention, going in hard for the head pets. He's also the king of hay-eating, and gobbles up every bit of his feeder! Winston is an equally cuddly grey lop boy. He's the calm to Creamsicle's energy. The two were put together after Winston lost his partner, and the two have found incredible comfort in one another.

Cecil + Carlos

Age: Adult | Gender: 2 Males

Meet The Bunny Cafe's handsome duo, Cecil and Carlos! These two met a couple years ago when they were getting neutered. A volunteer put them in a carrier together after they woke up from their sedation, and they've been bonded ever since. They are both a bit on the shy side but love to come out and play when their favourite hoomans come around. They enjoy enrichment toys such as stacking cups and fun, interactive ways of eating veggies. Their favourite time of day is the evening, when it's nice and quiet and they can get their zoomies out! They have been waiting for their forever home so patiently.


Age: Adult | Gender: Female

Bumble is a bit of a local celebrity around the shelter. She's territorial over her space, which can make volunteers nervous to greet her, trying to keep all of their limbs intact. It's no surprise then, that Bumble is a longer term resident. But poor Bumble is deeply misunderstood. The second you get Bumble out from her cage, you realize she isn't aggressive by nature. She's actually amazingly friendly and when she trusts you, hunkers down to receive loving pets and ear scratches.


Age: Adult | Gender: Female

Esmerelda is the sassy queen of the Richmond shelter. Chunky and adorable, she's a big girl and often intimidates her dates. Speed dating her has been a bit tricky.. but if you have a "problem" boy bun that needs to be told what's what, Esmerelda is up for the challenge!

Lucy + Angie

Age: Adult | Gender: 2 Females

Angie (Approximately 4, beige) is the mother of some of our very special bunnies including Sophie, Craig, Rusty, and of course, Lucy (2 1/2, black). You may remember this sweet duo from their stint at The Bunny Cafe . Now, they're spending their days at the shelter waiting for their forever home. These girls are calm, demure, and just the right amount of silly (plenty). They'll definitely be shy the first time you meet them, but with a little time and a lot of love, they'll steal your heart before you know it.


Age: Adult | Gender: Female

Diana is a distinguished lady bun with the most beautiful dewlap you've ever seen! This gal is ideal for a speed date, particularly for "trickier" buns. In the past, she has been very kind and patient with both aging and disabled bunnies.


Age: Adult | Gender: Male

Son of Midnight and Bumble, this guy is a bundle of energy! As a shelter resident for his whole life, Matcha is eager to find his forever home. Although territorial of his space, once you get him outside and playing he is the happiest guy ever! Endless binkies and zoomies when this guy touches grass. Available to go as a single bun to a family that will give him ENDLESS attention or as a speed-date for a potential wife who is patient and will love him for all his antics.

Dolly, Joni + Bo

Age: Adult | Genders: 2 Females + Male

This trio has been at the Bunny Cafe for far too long, stealing the hearts of everyone they meet. Yet somehow, they’ve yet to find their family. These buns are 2 years old and filled with more personality than you could ever imagine! Dolly Parton is a blue-eyed beauty. She’s super social and loves to get up all in your business (total gossip queen). Other likes include big hand pets and kissing her bf. Joni Mitchell is a little more aloof, happily hopping about in her own little world. You'll most likely find her snuggling with her bun besties. Bo is one funny bun, flopping and snoozing just about anywhere he can. He has the best leggies in the entire Cafe! He loves kissing hoomans on their heads, but there’s nothing he loves more in this world than Dolly and Joni. Most people are intimidated about adopting a trio, which is probably the reason these buns haven’t been snatched up yet! But I promise, they’re worth the commitment. Adopting a trio may mean three times the care, but it also means three times the love, three times the binkys, and three times the fun! Plus, the first bunny you adopt is just a gateway bunny – you’re going to want more and more; you might as well get all three in one cuddly go.

Earl Grey

Age: Adult | Gender: Male

Earl Grey is actually the son of two buns we've shared before, Bumble and Midnight! This guy is beyond cute, with eyes that make you want to melt. Getting to know him is a little tricky, as he's pretty territorial over his cage (like mother, like son I suppose!). With that said, once he knows that he is safe, he hunkers down for all the pets he can get. Being a solo bun, he's very lonely at the shelter, and wants to go home ASAP (it's true, he told me)

Mr. White

Age: Adult | Gender: Male

This wee bun is perfect black and quite small. At 2.5, Mr. White has lived nearly his entire life at our Richmond shelter. He is blind in his beautiful glassy blue eye. Mr. White is very zoomy and active. He's also quite mischievous and has known to be a bit of an escape artist. He's shyer than his passed partner, but definitely appreciates some quality human time on his own terms.


Age: Adult | Gender: Female

This sassy bun has a long history with Rabbitats, first coming to us in the summer of 2020 as an orphaned baby. She was even named after one of our volunteers. From there, she actually became part of the very first Bunny Cafe colony! She made lots of friends, and was very protective over the little black buns in the group. She ended up going back to the shelter after a colony refresh. At one point, she even jumped a fence and joined a colony of feral rabbits! Earlier this year, she was pulled from the colony, a clear house bun, and she's been looking for love ever since. This three-year old gal has lived several lives in her short time on this earth, and is ready for her next great adventure - finding her forever home! Chelvis is a sassy girl, filled with spunk and personality. She loves digging outside, binkying about, and modelling for the camera (just look at that face). Because she's done well with other buns in the past, Chelvis is a good candidate for a speed-date. While her personality is STRONG, we're confident she'll make a great pal for the right bun.

Jazzy + Gabriel

Age: Adult | Genders: Female + Male

This pair is a real life Romeo and Juliet. Don't worry no tragedy here. Just two young buns in love and willing to risk it all! Jazzy is an ultra shy bun who never showed much interest in people or other rabbits at all. In fact, during her time at The Bunny Cafe you'd be lucky to catch a glimpse of this illusive girl. Then, she met Gabriel. Jazzy and Gabriel were living side-by-side in separate pens at the shelter. Normally timid, we were surprised to see how curious Jazzy and Gabriel were of each other. Then one morning, we discovered that Gabriel had jumped the fence and was lounging on Jazzy's side. I guess he made the first move. From there, Jazzy and Gabriel shacked up permanently, and are totally in love!

Stanley + Parker

Age: Adult | Genders: Male + Female

This Lop and Jersey Wooly duo was found abandoned in a cardboard box in Stanley Park. Now, they need a fur-ever home where they can explore, play, and share all of their love. These siblings are super curious, friendly, and love meeting new people. Stanley is sure to give you a boop hello. If you're looking for a calm and loving duo, these are the perfect buns for you. Potential adopters should note that Parker is a Jersey Wooly, and will need extra grooming care. Parker should have regular, if not daily grooming. Luckily, she sits extremely well, grateful for care.


Age: Adult | Gender: Male

Midnight is an extremely sweet soul... begging for pets from all of the volunteers at the shelter. He's a rex cross, with fur that feels just like velvet, so our volunteers don't hesitate to oblige him. He's a teeny bit timid, but warms up quickly and always remembers a familiar face. One look at his own little face and you can't help but fall in love. (I know of at least two volunteers that would take him home in a heartbeat if they could.) He's also a solo bun that can definitely be speed-dated with the right lady.

Pumpkin + Jellybean

Age: Adult | Genders: Female + Male

Pumpkin (orange) is a very friendly bun, full of sunshiney personality. She does HATE being groomed (the little diva ) but she's cute enough to get away with it. She also really likes her pets, chilling with her leggies out behind her. Jellybean (grey) is a little more aloof, but just as adorable. He's currenly being treated for some ear problems (par for the course with lop-eared buns).

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