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Are you ready to add a furry companion to your household permanently? We have many friendly rabbits waiting for their furever home! Please inquire today and arrange an appointment to meet some of our adoptable rabbits!

We recommend potential adopters make an appointment to visit and interact with our bunnies, instead of making a decision based on looks. We like to let our rabbits usually pick their humans.

If you are ready to follow through with adoption, please fill out the form below and a representative will get back to you ASAP.

Not quite ready to adopt? Why not try fostering first!

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Please describe your current living situation: (Who do you live with, eg: children, parents, roommates, etc.)
The primary caregiver will be:
Do all members of your household favor having a rabbit? YesNoUndecided
Does any member of your household have allergies to animals or hay? YesNoUnknown
How many hours per day are you away from home?
Please describe the level of household activity: QuietActive
Housing (check all that apply): OwnRentLive with parentsSchoolMilitaryHouseCondoApartmentFarmAcreageMobile Home
How long have you lived at your present address?
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Please give us two references from people who can attest to your commitment to your animals:

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Relationship to you:
Phone Number:
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Who is your current veterinarian? Vet phone number:
May we contact him or her as a reference for you? YesNoI don't have a vet

Hopes and Expectations:

Why do you want a rabbit?
Have you had house rabbits before? YesNo Do you have a rabbit now? YesNo
Are you looking for: One rabbitA pairCompanion for your bunnyA 'rabbitat' (outside/colony)
Is there a specific rabbit(s) in whom you are interested?
Why are you interested in him/her/them?
How long have you been thinking about and searching for a rabbit?
Please describe the level of research you have done/where you got your information from: None yetHouse Rabbit SocietyBreederFriend with rabbit experienceInternetOther
How long do you expect to have your new rabbit?
I must have (check all that apply): smallmediumlargebabyyoungadultseniora bunny I can holda bunny who will sit in my lapa litter trained bunnyan affectionate bunnyan easy-going bunnya confident bunnya kissera curious bunnya quiet bunnyan active bunnya playful bunny
I don't want (check all that apply): smallmediumlargebabyyoungadultseniora bunny I can't holda bunny who won't sit in my lapa messy bunnya chewera diggera shy or scared bunnya rambunctious bunnya big shedder

If you want an outdoor 'Rabbitat' (with multiple rabbits):

How many rabbits would you like?
How much time can you spend on their care?
Can you build an enclosure? (Fencing, house, etc.)
How much money are you willing to spend?
Have you built other structures before? (explain)
Do you want us to build one?
Describe the available space and what you'd like to see:

Pet History:

Please list all animals, including rabbits, currently in the household: (Species, age, sex, spayed/neutered, length of time in your care, where you got them, where they are currently kept):

Please list all animals, including rabbits, no longer in the household: (Species, age, sex, spayed/neutered, length of time they were in your care, where you got them, what happened to them):

Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter? If so, please describe the circumstances:

Have you personally ever given away any of your pets? If so, please describe the circumstances:

Have you approached other shelters/rescues in your current search? If so, what was the result:

On-going Care:

If you currently have a rabbit or rabbits, please describe their current diet, including amounts and frequency of feedings:
What type of litter do you use? How often do you change the litter box?
Please describe your new bunny's living space: (cage, contained area, free run, yard, etc)
Location of living space:
Amount of play time per day:
Amount of play time with people per day:
How much money per month are you willing to budget to care for your rabbit:
Will you take your rabbit to a vet for an annual checkup? YesNo
How much money are you willing to spend in a medical emergency for your rabbit?:
When you leave home on vacations or business trips, how will you provide for your rabbit?
Will you adopt a companion for your rabbit if you can't spend enough time with him/her? YesNo
Why or why not?
What will you do if you can no longer care for your rabbit?
What will you do in the event of a lifestyle change, such as incurring a new family member, working more hours, getting a new pet, starting a new job or hobby, traveling more, or moving?

Additional comments or questions:

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