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Rabbitat's Guide to Sanctuary Rescue is an in-dept overview of what it takes to start a rabbit sanctuary - from construction to logistics and care.

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It's $3 Thursday! paypal.com/ca/fundraiser/charity/3764772We're so late getting the notice up today, we thought we'd include it with a post about another rabbit we just had to save from euthanasia. :( Somebody brought her into the a vet clinic after catching her in Langley. The clinic called all the shelters in the area and no one would take her leaving euthanasia as the only option. We're overwhelmed with black feral rabbits, we're out of space at the shelter and our fundraising has been challenged so we were going to say no... but given the rabbit was in Langley we figured we could at least set her up in an temp x-pen at our Kindred location, not far away, to buy her some time while we look for options. We're happy we did, because she looks like a dumped pet and not a feral. We still need to get her assessed and spayed but we may be able to find her a home. <3 Your $3 can help make this happen! If the Facebook link doesn't work, please use this one: (We don't get charged any fees, we get the whole $3). paypal.com/ca/fundraiser/charity/3764772 ... See MoreSee Less

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Ella Lee was able to pick up this baby bunny outside the Rona store in Richmond without a fuss, which is a good indication the bunny is ill, so we have asked her to take the bunny in under the Rabbitats umbrella. We're consulting with Dr. Joseph and we'll see what we can do to keep him/her going through the night until we can run tests tomorrow. If you can help, please do. If the Facebook link doesn't work, please try this one: paypal.com/ca/fundraiser/charity/3764772or rabbitats.org/donate Bunnies like this are depending on us and it's very overwhelming! ... See MoreSee Less

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