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Organic Composted Fertilizer


Does your garden soil need enrichment? Hedges, rose bushes, etc looking bedraggled? Starting planter boxes and need a good base layer for your garden soil to go on top of?

Our pesticide-free organic bunny poop compost is great at rejuvenating your soil. As a cold fertilizer, no need to worry about it harming your plants if you just lay it on top of the soil, and over the winter, you can just spread it over your whole garden, letting the earthworms work away at it.

It’s the best garden fertilizer there is!!
Rabbits are vegans. . . their poop doesn’t smell and isn’t toxic.
Rabbit droppings are a cold fertilizer high in nitrogen and phosphorous, which promotes flower, fruit and vegetable growth.

*Please note, we do not offer shipping at this time. After (or prior to) purchase, please arrange pickup from the Richmond Shelter with shelter manager Deanna.

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