Rabbit Care

Is a rabbit right for you?

Rabbits aren’t the “starter-pet” that most people may assume they are. Not all rabbits are suitable around children, and all rabbits require extensive knowledge, time, and money. Do your research before deciding to adopt a rabbit. You can’t just put a rabbit in an outside hutch by itself and expect it to be happy. Rabbits are very social creatures and usually do best in pairs or groupings. We endorse cage-free homes – rabbits are very intelligent and can be litter trained just like cats. We discourage impulse buys – especially around Easter when there seems to be the most “dumped” rabbits.

Helpful Links:

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Check out our Sanctuary Rescue Design Criteria page for more info on how to house a large number of rabbits in a stress-free, safe, and natural environment.

Rabbit-Friendly Veterinarians

Dr. Tim Andrews
Crescent Beach Veterinary Clinic
12823 Crescent Road
South Surrey, B.C. V4P1J6
Phone: (604) 538-7105
Dr. Joseph Martinez
Little Paws Animal Clinic
#130-12011 2nd Avenue
Richmond, B.C. V7E3L6
Phone: (604) 241-7387
Dr. Dilbag Rana
Apex Animal Hospital
#102-19909 64 Avenue
Langley, B.C. V2Y1G9
Phone: (604) 514-1444

Listed above are the veterinarians we work with most. For a complete list of rabbit friendly veterinary clinics please visit the House Rabbit Society’s page.
However, please remember to do your own homework before visiting a new veterinarian. Not all vets know how to properly treat your rabbit.