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In January of 2016, Thumbelina was rescued from a burrow by Rabbitats. Although burrows are a natural habitat for rabbits, it is quite dangerous once the rabbits venture out of the burrow and into the city. Rabbitats picked the name Thumbelina because she was the smallest of the litter.

Baby Thumbelina and her siblings after being rescued. A Rabbitats volunteer hand raised them before they were all put up for adoption.

The same Rabbitats volunteer who rescued Thumbelina and her siblings hand raised them for about 6 weeks. Sadly, Thumbelina bounced from home to home, and spent some time in the Rabbitats shelter before finding her forever home with Sophia and her husbun, Timmy Tyson Leo.

Thumbelina and her husbun first met at a bunny speed dating event held at Rabbitats. The two of them fell in love at first sight. Thumbelina was adopted in August of 2016, being 8 months old at the time.

Understandably, Thumbelina was scared and skittish when she was first brought home. Poor Thumbelina had gone through so much in her baby months already. After about a year, Thumbelina finally felt comfortable to be her true, sassy self! Now, Thumbelina enjoys to zoom and binky around the home, sleep in her favourite cardboard box with Timmy, twitch her butt while eating bananas, and purring while getting massages from Sophia.

Like most couples (whether it be bunnies or humans), Thumbelina and Timmy have gotten into some arguments. Thumbelina definitely likes to be the lead in their relationship, and gets upset at Timmy when he tries to dominate her every few months! She is one boss bunny and makes sure her husbun knows it.

Thumbelina enjoys chasing Timmy around, and then cuddling with him the next moment. There is never a dull moment in their relationship!

With that said, Thumbelina is also very loving towards Timmy. For example, Timmy has to go to the vet more often due to a teary eye or skin condition. She always accompanies him to the vet, making sure he does not feel scared. After the appointment, she will lick and groom the area that was previously bothering him.

Thumbelina (left) and her husbun Timmy (right)

If there’s one thing Sophia learned about adopting Thumbelina, it is the importance of bonding her bunnies. Just like humans, rabbits are social creatures. When Sophia only had Timmy, she noticed that he was more lazy, did not like to eat much hay, or be social towards humans.

After they met and bonded, Timmy is now a happier bunny and enjoys human companion and cuddles with Thumbelina. The two of them need each other and complete one another.


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If you’ve been to Rabbitat events before, you may recognize Toby. Toby was one of our crowd favourites, who was brought to many Rabbitat events by his human mom, Tori. At 10lbs, Toby was a Flemish giant cross who had a gentle heart.

Toby was even featured in a car commercial one year!

Fostered baby bunnies snuggling up to Toby

Tori originally fostered Toby in 2013, and then decided to adopt him in after falling in love with his sweet personality. Tori often fostered bunny babies during their time together. The baby bunnies took comfort in the gentle giant, and would love to snuggle and play with Toby. 

Other than attending Rabbitat events, Toby loved being taken outside and enjoyed the fresh air. When he binkied around in the grass, he showed his giant size and happiness! People would often stop and admire his size.

Tori’s favourite part about having Toby was the company he gave her. The most challenging thing was having to bunny proof her home, as well as keeping chewable things out of his reach. Even then, he was a sweetheart who never said no to food. 

Unfortunately Toby passed away last year, but he still holds a special place in our hearts. We thank him for being such a lovable bunny at all the events he attended.

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Meet n’ Treat with UBC ECESS

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On November 25th, Rabbitats headed over to the University of British Columbia for a Meet n’ Treat with UBC ECESS (UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Society). The Meet n’ Treat was a great way for students to destress before the busy finals period. 

Our bunnies took over one of the classrooms and had a hoppin’ good time.

Thank you to the students who came out, and our volunteers for organizing and helping out at the event!

Sebastian having a hoppin’ good time at the Meet n’ Treat.

To inquire about hosting a Meet n’ Treat with Rabbitats, please check out the events section of our website, or email

Campbell Valley Country Celebration

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On Sept. 7 and 8th, Rabbitats headed over to Langley for the 40th anniversary Campbell Valley Country Celebration event. This was a two day event celebrating nature, heritage, agriculture and community.

Rabbitats hosted a meet and treat, where festival attendees were able to play with our adoptable bunnies.

Festival attendees were also able to learn about adopting and fostering bunnies from Rabbitats.

A special thank you to all our Rabbitats volunteers for making this event possible!

To inquire about hosting a Meet n’ Treat with Rabbitats, please check out the events section of our website, or email


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Nutmeg and her sister were brought into Rabbitats when they were about six months old. They were surrendered to Rabbitats because the original owner was told they would be smaller rabbits, and grew too big for their liking. 

Nutmeg under the care of Rabbitats, spring 2017

Christina was looking for a companion for her single (at the time) bunny, Elliot. Just like humans, rabbits are social creatures and do very well in bonded pairs.

One of the Rabbitat volunteers thought that Nutmeg would bond well with Elliot, so off she went to her future home with Christina! 

At first, it was difficult for Christina to bond Nutmeg and Elliot. She had a hard time trusting Nutmeg alone with Elliot incase they fought. During the bonding stage, it is important to keep an extra close eye on the bunnies! Nutmeg taught Christina the importance of patience when it came to bunny bonding.

Nutmeg settling in nicely with her boyfriend, Elliot!

Nutmeg has settled in nicely. She is the more dominant bunny and enjoys taking the lead. Bananas are her favourite treat. Her water bowl is fascinating to her, and she really enjoys playing with it. Nutmeg is more of an explorer than Elliot, so Christina had to do more bunny proofing in their room.

Christina’s favourite part of having bunny companions are that they help her relax after a long day. With both bunnies having unique and different personalities, she’s never had a dull moment with them. Christina loves both her bunnies, and Nutmeg loves her new home. 

2020 Calendars

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The 2020 bunny calendar is here! Get them while you can!

2020 Bunny Calendar

The 2020 Bunny Calendar is here, and it is our best one yet. With 13-months of super cute bunny photos by the amazing photographer Sarah Virag, this is a calendar you don’t want to miss.

$20 (+ shipping if needed) with all proceeds going towards our rabbit rescue efforts.

This year we are offering a discounted price for our much appreciated active volunteers and donors. To activate this discount, please mention your involvement with Rabbitats in your email.

We’ve been very busy this year building a new sanctuary to house the large and ever-expanding number of abandoned pet rabbits and their feral offspring. We get daily notifications of dumped rabbits and don’t have the space to rescue them all. We need your support! Every cent we receive goes directly to our rescue rabbits – housing, feeding, and providing much needed care and veterinary support. We could not do this work without your continued support.

They make amazing holiday gifts for every-bunny on your list… you may want to get a few, one for your home, one for your office? 😉

Don’t want a calendar, but want to help out rabbits in need? You can donate here. Note: we are now a registered charity, so your donation is eligible for a tax receipt!

Very limited print, so claim yours now by emailing!

We offer shipping within Canada, the United States, and internationally, as well as have options for pickup within the Lower Mainland.

Update: Jerry

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Our big boy Jerry, who had abscess surgery recently, is still recuperating but doing well. He’s quite content in his foster home, and has finally started eating hay and pellets again.

Tom & Jerry were the “beer bunnies” that we took as owner surrenders last year.

Gizmo & Kids

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This is Gizmo and her 5 kids. They came to us after they were found out in a no-pets building. They were caught when one of the babies ended up in a sealed garbage bag in the dumpster after being accidentally thrown out with a blanket. Luckily the little tyke was found by somebody looking for bottles and cans . Other trash in the bag lead them to the right address. The trash baby was adopted out and the rest of the bunny family was evicted and came to us. They’re currently being housed on a foster porch until we can figure out the next step. They’re cute as buttons but it’s raining rabbits!