Meet + Treat”

Planning a community event or birthday party?

“Meet & Treat” experiences bring smiles and laughter to guests while they interact with our curious and friendly rescued rabbits.

  • Host a stress-busting “Meet and Treat” for your students during exam time.
  • Enhance your company’s health and wellness by offering “Bunny Breaks” at the office.

Bunny Yoga

Are your yoga sessions getting boring or are you intimidated to attend a class for the first time? “Bunny Yoga” is the solution! Inquire about our next “Bunny Yoga” session or recommend us to your current studio.

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*Rabbitats can work in a contained room, penning off areas off-limits to the rabbits, or we can pen the rabbits forming an enclosure stabilized by tents or tables and benches. Rabbitats can bring pens and several 10x10 tents to both indoor and outdoor locations if required.