Greta the Growler

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This is Greta. She’s 12 and she’s boarding with us. With danger pay! She loves her treats, but humans? A necessary evil. But once you brave her crusty demeanour and pick her up, she’s good with pets and cuddles. (And we Greta). #gretathegrowler

DXE Work Party

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We can’t thank the DXE crew enough for coming out to help on Sunday (and for this great video!!) . Their timing couldn’t have been better. Our shelter manager was under the weather, we had 10 new rabbits come in, a water main broke outside so the shelter had no water, the cleaning hadn’t been done and it was day three. The place was a disaster! But a dozen or so volunteers swarmed the shelter and turned an overwhelming task into an awesomely pleasant day. Please support Direct Action Everywhere, they’re such a great organization.

Rabbitats’ Has Its First Bunny Yoga!

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Rabbitats’ first Bunny Yoga March 16 at UBC was an awesome success! Everybody and everybunny had a great time and we got sorely needed hay funds in the coffers. Thanks to the volunteers who brought out (or lent us) their own rabbits to join the Rabbitats’ adoptables and thanks so much to the Sauder Health and Wellness Club out at UBC for putting it on!

Thanks to Phusion Photography for the awesome video!

Bunny Love

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A bunny Valentines day.

Little Donkey came in to our rescue a bit tentative at first, but then a potential girlfriend arrived — Mumu, a dwarf cross who looks a lot like him, just a little lighter and bigger. They checked each other out — at arms (well, whiskers) length. Donkey thought she was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen. Donkey groomed Mumu… then Mumu groomed Donkey. He followed her everywhere from that point on, but not so aggressively that she minded too much. Mumu’s human then took Donkey home to Mumu’s territory so there’s some territorial adjustments going in, but they are definitely a match.

Video: Donkey & Mumu find love.