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Roxie & Angel

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Meet Roxie & Angel, our newest bunny couple. After rescuing lionhead Roxie from a bad situation just a month ago, her new human family decided she needed a bunny friend. They drove from Merritt to meet Angel, our sweet helicopter-eared boy who was surrendered to Rabbitats in August. Neither bunny has had companionship, so will be learning to “bunny” together, but we think they’re off to a great start. Congratulations!

Pip & Miel

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Meet Pip & Miel. One of our awesome mother-son volunteer duos wanted to find a new mate for their bunny lop boy Pip, as his bunwife Lily crossed the bridge in July. After speed-dating with a few girls, Pip + Miel decided that life would be better together.

What makes this even more special is that Miel and her mom and 7 siblings were all fostered with this same family while the babies were growing up, so it’s like a real homecoming for Miel. Congratulations!


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Back in 2015, someone abandoned this poor rabbit because she couldn’t hop without falling over.  Luckily, some nice person found her and brought her to Apex Animal Clinic. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find anything medically wrong with her, so we went to a temporary foster home. It took her awhile to trust her foster parents, but she slowly came around. With that trust, she miraculously also started moving around without falling over.

Needless to say, she won the hearts of her foster parents and they became her furever parents. 

She lives in the kitchen of a home with other bunnies. She is the sweetest and most laid back girl, and she never goes far from her 3 beds. Each of which bed has a different meaning of when you can pet her!

She is definitely her Daddy’s special girl – she gets so excited to hear his voice and she can’t get enough of him! When her Daddy goes away on trips, Popcorn enjoys writing him notes to guilt him into come home early!

It’s hard to imagine someone not wanting her but her new parents are so very HAPPY that Popcorn is in her forever home!



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Haiku is a sweet baby born at Rabbitats shelter to momma Jemima (black bunny). Their foster mom took care of Haiku and Jem until she was old enough to be weaned, at which point Jem decided she was done being a mother and needed her space! Foster mom fell in love with Haiku and quickly became her furever-home.

Haiku is now 3 years old and lives with her bonded bunny buddy Tofu. They are inseperable friends and a couple of trouble-makers! Haiku loves her food and often steals it right from her human.



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Sweetpea was found only a few days old with extremely infected eyes. The infection was so bad in fact, the vet did not think there was any salvagable eyeballs behind all the infection. Nonetheless, her foster home syringe fed her formula (as she was too young to be away from mom, but mom was no where to be found) and cleaned her eyes multiple times a day. It was a roller coaster ride of not knowing if she would make it or not, but she is a little fighter. Turns out she did have eyeballs afterall! Yay! After months of persistant cleanings, medications and hand-feeding, this sweet girl made a full recovery. She is still partially-sighted, but you would have no idea by the way she binkys and runs around the house. Her foster mom adopted her as they became very close after all that time spent together.

Sweetpea lives in a home with 4 other rabbits (including Buns + JJ), and co-habits a space with her two bunny-friends. She LOVES to clean her siblings eyes. Her foster parents believe that is how she shows her love, as that was how she was shown love as a baby! She still enjoys getting her eyes cleaned by her humans, but perfers to give them kisses. She loves to give kisses! Sweetpea is a very adventerous girl and is always getting into trouble.

Joan Jett

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Joan Jett (or JJ for short) was rescued off the streets of Richmond. This momma was very motley looking, hair missing everywhere, likely a combination of birthing many litters (they pull their hair out to make nests) and from the stress of living on the streets. She was also very very shy, spending most of her time hiding from the scary humans.

JJ was days away from her spay appointment when her foster mom heard some tiny little squeaks coming from her pen. Sure enough, JJ gave birth to 6 sweet little babies (including Buns). Her foster parents kept her and her babies until they were all old enough to be adopted, but JJ stayed. Everyone wants to adopt the pretty rabbits, the colourful rabbits, the floppy eared rabbits. No one wants the semi-hairless black rabbit. Her foster parents loved her anyways and months went by and the foster-home eventually turned into her furever home (another failed foster!).

JJ has since flourished. She does not like most other rabbits so she has a large space all to herself, including her own sectional couch she loves to jump on and her own bunny-sized bed she spends a lot of time lounging on. All her hair has grown back and she now has the softest fur you have ever felt.

She enjoys going outside and digging holes, and loves loves loves her food and Nutrinom treats!


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Buns was born in a foster home a few days before his mommy’s scheduled spay appointment. What a surprise they were! The babies all grew up, got spayed/neutered and found new homes, all except Buns. Buns was diagnosed with a heart murmur and the vet did not want to risk putting him under anesthetic for fear he wouldn’t wake up, so he didn’t get neutered. That meant he had to be alone (to prevent more accidental litters!).

A mature male bunny with hormones ragging – he was fiesty, to say the least. He was renamed ‘Turd’ by shelter volunteers as he was known to nip at your fingers when you tried to feed him.

His previous foster mom (the house he was born in) heard about his troubles at the shelter and decided to foster him again as she had a whole room he could have all to himself (away from her other bunnies). That ‘foster home’ turned into a long-term foster home, turned into a ‘your-never-getting-Buns-back’ home. He had stolen his foster parent’s hearts. He eventually got neutered and made it through the surgery no problem.

He still has a heart murmur, which makes him all the more special as he has good days and bad – and you know when it’s a bad day because he nips at your heals and will chase you out of his bedroom. He is a very vocal bunny – he grunts to show his displeasure if you feed him the wrong type of salad – no dill, more basil.

The notch in his ear is from a fight he got into with the other male bunny in the house, so now they are separate, each getting 1/2 of the house!

He is a spoiled boy who lives free-range in the same house as 4 other bunnies, including his biological bunny-mommy JJ. He spends a lot of time on his own bunny-sized bed, but even more time on the human-bed that he has claimed as his own. He loves to binky and do the bunny-500, especially in the morning as he gets very excited to get his breakfast!