Baby Rescued from Busy Parkade in Burnaby

By July 6, 2019News, Rescue

This is the little baby fished out from under a car in a really busy shopping mall parkade in Burnaby. The baby likely survived fast ride to the mall in the under carriage and dodged all the cars when s/he hopped out. 😲 😓 🥵 😵

Thanks to all who helped!

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  • Mahroo says:

    My name is Mahroo. I’m a student here in Vancouver and already living in Coquitlam and this baby bunny just melted my heart with its cuteness and considering that all my 4 pets are back home, I’m really looking forward to have a pet that I can take care of and give all my love to. I’ve never adopted a pet here and I really like to know more about the process. I hope to hear from you!
    Warm regards,

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