We recently did the “gender reveal” for our litter #2 born March 2nd… the grey baby and the black baby with the stripe on the nose are boys… and the other three black babies are girls! ❤️

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  • Bella Notte says:

    Ahh so cute I have fostered a bunny from u before from your house pickles are they able to be fostered yet the last time I got pickles from your home they were all A’s big to be in my hand but would not pick up as they don’t like it

  • Bella Notte says:

    Ahh so cute I Rembrandt when I fostered a rabbit called pickles from u about a month ago and when we got her to take her for the week the baby bunny’s we’re as big as I could hold them in my hand but would not hold them as they don’t like be held to much!

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