URGENT: Fundraiser for RHDV2 Vaccine!

RHDV2 killed thousands of rabbits last year and it’s still lurking in the environment.  We vaccinated close to 400 rabbits and they all need booster shots this year and we’re expecting to house another 400 rabbits or more in our new sanctuary.  We need to order at least that amount of vaccine or more now as there will only be one order this year and the deadline is APRIL 15th!  Even using bulk packs of vaccine, this is going to be an expensive proposition.  Vaccinating the rabbits is crucial.  Please donate to this cause! Please help! RHDV Fund

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  • tanya says:

    I am interested to vaccinate my rabbit and would like to know when you will be vaccinating. When will you have a clinic?

    Olga asked me to check in with you and see when you will vaccinate as the spca has wait listed me for July and there are many people ahead


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