Vlad Update

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Vlad waiting pensively at Apex for the re-check on his jaw abscess with osteomyelitis… it’s good news! Healing is on track, he’ll finish his course of Azithromycin, we’ll keep the wound clean, and hope that this kicks it once and for all.

He’s been on supplemental Critical Care since we took him in a couple years ago (after his first jaw abscess), but he’s getting more right now to get his weight up. He has a huge appetite, eats everything we give him, and eats his Critical Care right out of the bowl. 🙂

Pet Lover Show

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Kathy and crew have been busy setting up for the Pet Lover Show out in Abbotsford this weekend! It looks fabulous! The empty spot on the table is for Bonnie McMurray’s Nutrinoms sales display. (Excellent bunny treats!)

Meet our new resident artist

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Paige Parker is our new resident artist at Rabbitats Rescue. She is a psychology student living in and studying in Victoria BC with a passion for illustration, rabbits, and the non-profit sector. Paige currently works and volunteers with several non-profit organizations while also keeping busy with freelance illustration and graphic design. For inquiries, you can email Paige at paigeparkerillustration@gmail.com, or follow her Instagram @_paigeparker_.

We will have her designs available on our online shop – shop.rabbitats.org/collections/paige-parker

Volunteers Needed!

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Rabbitats in Richmond BC, is looking for volunteers who can help build and landscape our sanctuary. We need skilled and unskilled people who don’t mind getting lots of fresh air and exercise (with a little bunny love in between).
We’ll be doing groundwork, building fences, bunny houses and sheds and eventually planting a garden.
We’re also looking for some donated tools and supplies for our rabbit sanctuary.
We’re in immediate need of some pegboard, but also the following tools:
– long handled axe
– sledgehammer
– heavy duty prybar
– angle grinder
– Milwaukee saw blades
If you can help, please post, contact us at info@rabbitats.org or message us!

Home Needed for Male Mini Lop

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This mini lop was found in an alley at East 45th and Gladstone in Vancouver in the snow this morning. He appears to be a neutered male.We’re hoping that he is a much loved lost rabbit and wasn’t just dumped there. Animal control in Vancouver is apparently still not taking rabbits even if they’re strays.  The poor family that picked him up from the alley had a dog that wanted to eat him and couldn’t keep him.They fell in love with him even in the short time he was with them and couldn’t just put him back where they found him. We are totally full, we took him for the night but we can’t keep him either. He is a very sweet bunny!

Happy Valentines Day ❤️

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Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️❤️❤️ from some of our bonded boy-girl pairs.
Photo #1 — Dick & Jane (both about 1 year)
Photo #2 — Lucky & Midnight (both under 1 year)
Photo #3 — Dolly & Lamby (will be 6 years on April 1st)
Photo #4 — Ginger & Jackson (both about 5 years) 
Photo #5 — Picasso & Warhol (both about 2.5 years)
Note: with rescued rabbits, most ages are unknown, we give it our best guess

Gilbert Update

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Gilbert is an incredibly sweet boy who now has a new “pad” thanks to Zane‘s Zoo Michaels! ❤️ He is now able to walk forward, not just scoot backward as he was initially doing. He’s very unsteady on his feet still, but seldom falls over… unless he’s climbing over things and exploring his environment, which is also encouraging! He’s finished his antibiotics but still has a couple weeks of Panacur to go. Deanna gives him deep tissue massage every day, which he doesn’t fuss about and seems to enjoy, giving lots of kisses in return. 😘

Adopt A Rabbit Month

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There are so many rabbits everywhere in shelters, and so many more waiting to be rescued — save lives by adopting rescued rabbits, making room for the next rabbits needing a safe place.
Go to www.rabbitats.org and find our “Adopt” button to start the search for your new family members ❤️


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Poor Vlad, his jaw abscess came back with a vengeance, and part of his jawbone is now gone and I’ll be cleaning and packing his abscess site with gauze & Betadine until his body heals the open wound. The good news is that my darling boy (he’s one of my ❤️ bunnies) still has a great appetite and his winning personality is such that everyone he meets can’t help but love our quirky little man 😘 (Deanna)

The vet bills just keep coming. 😔 If you can help, you’re welcome to donate directly to Apex Animal Hospital or Little Paws Animal Clinic, just give them a call, or financial@rabbitats.org is our our PayPal and e-transfer address. Here’s a GoFundMe link: https://www.gofundme.com/rabbitats-vet-bills-2019

Foster Home Needed for New Female

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This lone, friendly, frantic bunny was spotted in an area where the hedges and bushes were being torn up for a construction project due to start today. Debbie and Lynn raced off in the cold and snow last night to get this girl. The bunny was hiding under a pier and ran to Debbie as soon as she called. Says Lynn: “I saw this scared eager bunny against the white blowing snow and I knew we had to get her. She screamed and screamed but then as I talked to her she calmed down and held her against me.” So this girl, now named Joyce, is safe at the shelter.  We really need some foster homes, with the cold weather our outdoor holding spaces are even challenged meaning feral rabbits we expected to stay outside are taking space inside. Help!!