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By December 24, 2018Adopt, News, Volunteers

We’re in need of people who can foster one or more of our bunnies in treatment. We have bunnies needing medication, Critical Care feedings, a bit of cleaning, who need to be closely monitored, etc. Would anybody be up for that over the holidays? It’s Christmas Eve but thought we’d throw that out there. Our caregivers are really overwhelmed right now. Please contact us if you are able to help!

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  • Allison Goodall says:

    Hello Olga and volunteers,

    I just filled out the application to foster a rabbit. I am open to fostering a rabbit with medical needs as I am home alot of the time and therefore able to keep close watch if needed! I have years of experience medicating dogs,cats, and many birds and have alot of hands on experience (giving lactate ringers,pills,shots, etc…)

    Thank you!

    Allison Goodall
    604 446 4248

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