2018 Oxbow Animal Rescue Grant Recipient

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We have some awesome news… Rabbitats is one of the recipients of  Oxbow’s 2018 Animal Rescue Grants! We’ll be getting a cheque for $4650 US to go towards sanctuary housing at our new location in Richmond. The property has the space to build several enclosures for some of the many abandoned rabbits we’re dealing with. The total budget taking us to 2020 is well over $100,000 (and that’s with used and donated materials) and this is a great start!  These funds will directly save the lives of many rabbits! We can’t thank Oxbow enough!!

RIP Karen Kelly

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RIP Karen Kelly. Heaven has gained quite the angel. Karen would come all the way from Victoria to volunteer at our events and transport or foster rabbits, all on her own dime. She and Ann Ricia, our incredibly supportive Victoria contingent would travel together delivering a car full of awesome things for our online auctions. Karen was diagnosed with cancer, but told us it was going to be okay. We knew it wasn’t when a friend brought Squidge, a tiny lionhead she was fostering, back to us last week. Karen helped out so many animals in her too-short life, her loss is devastating for them and for us. She was a beautiful soul, inside and out.

2019 Rabbitats Calendars Available Now!

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The new year is fast approaching and it’s time to order your new 2019 Rabbitats calendar!

Calendars are $20 each + shipping with 100% of profits going directly towards Rabbitats. For your convenience pickup can be arranged in either South Surrey or Richmond. To place your order and for more information please email calendar@rabbitats.org. Be sure to get one while supplies last!



Troopers Recovery Diary

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Look what great care Trooper is getting at Rae’s place!

(Rae is a nurse, she’s awesome!) This is her Trooper ‘diary’. Trooper is the friendly, neutered boy bunny dumped in a Richmond, BC neighbourhood and hit by a car. (The driver wanted to finish him off with a rock). We get so many calls about abandoned and injured rabbits, we just can’t deal with them all, but we did take in Trooper. It turned out he had a bone sticking out his leg and a dislocated hip, he really needed to be rescued. Thanks to the donors, we paid off our previous balance and covered his surgery (also thanks to a reduced rate from Dr. Rana and the Apex Animal Hospital). We can’t thank Rae and everybody else enough for helping us make this happen. We’re sure Trooper feels the same way. He’s loving life!

Rae’s Trooper Diary:
Oct.. 19th, 2018:Trooper’s Surgery Date. Trooper recovering at my house following his Right Hind leg amputation. Very comfortable. I had him all set up in a brand new cat playpen. The u-shaped blue foam cushion gave him support until he was fully recovered from the anesthetic and could balance himself. The stuffies gave him emotional support for what he has been through. The green dinosaur plays a lullaby and Trooper seems to enjoy listening to it.
Under the fleece blankets is a eggcrate sponge mattress, covered in plastic. Inside the playpen on the bottom is a pink wading pool which keeps everything tidy and easy to clean. Dr. Rana stressed that his bed needed to be soft and clean, free of dust at all times for his wound to stay clean.
The playpen is on a table right beside my bed so that I could monitor him closely. There are cloth mesh panel windows on each section and a circular mesh material top to the playpen. He has lots of ventilation and can see his whole environment in the room through the mesh panels.
He is so sweet and so accepting of his surgery. The metacam definitely kept him comfortable those first 7 days so that he would mobilize and the Baytril covered him for any hint of post-op infection that first week.
Each day I take him out of the playpen, hold him as I sit on the bed and feed him his hay.
Nov.2/18, tomorrow, Trooper is going to Apex (Langley) to have his staples removed. What I should say is to have the remainder of his staples removed as most have fallen out. Trooper has been hopping around in his comfy playpen from Day 1 on his one hind leg and doesn’t lose his balance. (If he did, the sponge mattress is a soft landing). Trooper has been an absolute sweetheart to care for.


Olaf & Nutmeg

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Olaf & Nutmeg, two of our favourite big colony bunnies, have decided lately that life is better together ♥️ and we’re thinking that, if the right adoptive family is interested in giving them a home, these two can retire from colony life together!
Olaf is almost 6 years old now and has less patience for the shenanigans of the spirited younger buns. Nutmeg is almost 4 years old now, and being a Rex bunny with insatiable curiosity, definitely needs a home with lots of room to roam and adequate bunny-proofing.
The sweet thing is that Nutmeg has never travelled well with other bunnies to our events, so usually got her own carrier, but she’s peaceful as can be with her big man Olaf.
Please contact us if you think you have the right home for these two big-personality bunnies.
We’re located in Richmond, BC

Troopers Recovery Update!

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Trooper, our broken leg guy from a couple weeks ago, is going in to Apex today to get the staples removed after his amputation surgery. He’s doing great! Sorry for the update delay, but his foster mom Rae has been busy keeping him in pristine conditions and catering to his every whim (along with her many other bunnies, including our then-tiny Burnaby baby who is now old enough to be going in for a neuter today). We can’t thank Rae and all of Trooper’s supporters enough! What a great outcome for this poor dumped bunny. (We’ll post a more complete update and more photos about his recovery shortly).

Free Allergy Testing

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Not sure if you are allergic to rabbits? Adopting a rabbit is a huge responsibility and can be severely complicated if turns out you or someone in your family is allergic. HealthLabs.com recognizes how important this factor is to pet adopters and has offered Rabbitats adopters a free Rabbit Allergy Test (an $98 USD value). All you have to do is go to www.healthlabs.com/rabbit-allergy-testing, add the Rabbit Epithelium Allergy Test to your cart and enter “Rabbitats” as the promo code.
You can also claim these tests by calling 1-800-579-3914 and mention that Rabbitats has a partnership with HealthLabs for a free rabbit allergy test, and they will add it to your cart for free.