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By August 30, 2018Construction, Sanctuary

Rabbitats has moved to a new headquarters in Richmond where it hopes to build a rabbit sanctuary in addition to its shelter.

The property — a rented house, garage and large yard on a blueberry farm on the south end of No. 6 Road — is already housing the society’s 46 indoor adoptable rabbits and a space is currently being fenced in under an expansive deck to securely hold our rabbits who prefer to live outside.

But it also has space tailor-made for extensive outdoor rabbit housing thanks to already existing enclosures built by the previous residents to house their multiple large dogs.  It still needs a lot of work but with the proper resources the property can house hundreds of rescued rabbits once they’re sterilized and merged into colonies.

The Richmond location will be acting as a processing centre for rescued rabbits for at least the next two years.  Some of the colonies will be adopted out to friendly farms, green businesses and responsible homeowners, but others will remain with the rescue for life.   Rabbitats will still looking for additional properties to house rabbits long term.

Colonies of loose rabbits can only be trapped in the winter.  We only have two months to make this a reality.  Many resources are still needed.  The rabbits need to be sterilized and vaccinated, and rent needs to be paid on the property.

People making recurring donations will give us the needed stability.

Rabbitats is also in need of tools, supplies and a lot of labour to not only build a sanctuary on this property, but to construct smaller ‘rabbitats’ on other properties under the care of other hosts.

With your help we CAN save them all.

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  • Kelly says:

    Just curious why is it that colonies can only be trapped in winter months? I ask cause there is a small colony where I live I have been planning on trapping to be spayed and neutered and remain with me in an outdoor space large enough to accommodate the number of rabbits I think is there. Also congratulations on the new location is sounds like you will be able to help and house many many more rabbits.

    • Rabbitats says:

      I think this was replied to elsewhere, but there is a low birthrate in the winter and less chance of leaving babies in the nest and also thus fewer rabbits to catch. And the rabbits are hungrier and will respond better to the treats in the traps. (Even treats can’t complete with the sweet spring grass).

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