Advocacy in Richmond

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Here’s the internet version of the Richmond News story. Please drop a line to the paper and let them know you appreciate the coverage and write to the Richmond Mayor and Councillors, the provincial government, RAPS, the BCSPCA, and other animal organizations and let them know you want to see more done to help the rabbits (and the property owners) in Richmond and beyond!

Richmond News Article >

Canmore’s Rabbit Holes

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This is proof that the cost of a cull is as expensive if not more so than a rescue. For $350,000, at our rate, all those rabbits would have been sterilized and supported for life in a sanctuary. We did try and help the Canmore rabbits, the town never responded to us. It’s a story that required a deep analysis. There was a lot of blame on the town, the trappers and the rescues, we need to concentrate on solutions.

Canmore’s rabbit hole >

Richmond News Front Page!

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We’re on the front page of the Richmond News today. There’s an editorial on Page 3 and a story on Pages 30 and 31. It’s very accurate.

Note 1: We’re not asking for a city-run sanctuary, we’re only looking for enough support to allow us to help the rabbits, however, under the current provincial government rules, if the City (or RAPS) took in rabbits, they would have to run a sanctuary. The rabbits are still considered wildlife and while we are all allowed to trap and possess them, the rules prohibit any of us from transferring them elsewhere. The rabbit issues in BC directly relate to the failure of governments to control them in the first place, and the governments are still making the problem worse.

Note 2: Rabbitats does not support a lethal cull, but the rabbits need to be controlled, and getting the governments on board with that is the first step. Redirecting the funds from lethal to rescue is the next step. The budgets exist be they from redirecting the funds currently spent on repairing the damage to landscaping or redirecting the funds proposed to pay to staff or wildlife control companies.

Richmond News Article (Page 30-31)


Our bunnies are getting old.

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Our bunnies are getting old. We had to let little Spot go, she was one of our earliest girls, she was caught as an adult and with us over five years. She was skin and bones. Dr. Rana gave her a chance to recover with supplements and one-on-one care, but her condition seemed terminal so we had to say goodbye. And now Ingrid, another old girl, has a facial abscess. Thanks again to Dr. Rana for staying late to do the surgery. We also have an issue with a little grey rabbit we’re calling Squirt. He’s always been a bit of a loner but didn’t appear to be picked on until now. He has a bad bite on his eye. We’d like to get him out of the colony when her recovers, but unless we can set up another little ‘rabbitat’ somewhere soon, we’re not sure that’s possible. Poor Squirt! Here is a link to our ailing Sick Bunny Fund. Any help will be much appreciated.