Kids + Bunnies don’t always mix

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We just got our first one star review from somebody who had actually come by the shelter. (The handful of others are from weird countries, mistakes or fake names). A woman contacted us wanting to foster or adopt a bunny. She was very anxious and wanted to come right away after filling out just our brief online contact form and not our full five-page questionnaire. We were super busy but said yes. When she arrived, kids in tow, Deanna quickly put her in a room with Sugar and Buttercup, who weren’t up for adoption, but they were bombproof. It was a test. When she came back in, one of the two kids, a 3-year old boy, was slamming the pen wires up and down with the mom making no effort to intervene. This as an immediate ‘FAIL.’ While we are in certain cases willing to adopt to families with children, they need to be gentle and interact with the bunnies (on the bunnies’ own terms), and most importantly, the parents have to take the lead. (We’re adopting to the parents, not the kids). They need to be closely supervising (physically next to the child) and teaching an excited child how to interact. Even a brief observation of this not happening isn’t worth the risk to the health and happiness of our rabbits. (OUR kids). Her form said she wanted a relaxed rabbit, but she’ll never have a relaxed rabbit in that environment. She was upset (we wasted her time, we ‘judged’ her, etc) and she will now go get a rabbit from Craigslist. We sincerely hope she really listened to us though, what we said to her about interacting with rabbits (in great detail), so that whatever rabbit they get won’t spend years of silent unhappiness. No loud noises, no touching (without the rabbit’s express permission), provide a kid-proof zone, a kid-proof hiding box and work on gentle interaction using small bits of healthy treats. Good luck! (To the bunny). 

Binky free Blaze

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Yesterday was a tragic day in Rabbitats’ world. We had two bunnies at the vet, a challenged feral guy with an abscess under his chin, and our beloved Blaze in for a dental. We were expecting the bad news for the little grey feral, but when the phone rang, it was the vet saying that Blaze had a mouthful of tooth root infection and that he hadn’t responded well to the anesthetic. On the vet’s advice, we opted to not wake him up. Blaze was probably the most important bunny in Rabbitats history. He was ‘the hotdog bun’, the beat up little dwarf dumped at the Auto Mall years before we arrived there. He hung out by the hotdog stand and guarded his corner with gusto. At least from the guys. He was quite the ladies man. Once we started trapping the Auto Mall rabbits — all 300 of them — we realized that the majority of them were really small and had short ears and blazes. We ended up not being able to send them to the designated sanctuary in Washington State because of their small size, and they can thank Blaze for that. Most of all, we can thank Blaze for Deanna. Deanna, our shelter manager and an indispensable member of Rabbitats, wasn’t a rabbit person when she started helping out, she was a friend who stepped in to lend a hand. Blaze made her the stellar, dedicated bunny fan she is today. We can never thank him enough for that. He was her couch bunny and her shoulder bunny. They were pretty inseparable, at least until he met Buttercup, an owly diva lop girl. Deanna took her in as well because Blaze loved her. Blaze was at least nine. He was on the corner for four years and inside with us for another five. He will be mourned by all, especially Deanna. So sorry. RIP little guy.

RIP Cookie

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Our dear sweet Cookie passed away. She was our $2000 ‘posh’ bunny, she had managed to get a scrape on her leg in just the wrong spot back in 2016, the vets had to do constant cold laser and other extended therapies to get it to heal, but it did indeed heal. She and her best friend Lexy went on to be adopted by Sam last year.  She called yesterday to say that she had found Cookie lying on the floor with hay still in her mouth. Whatever happened, it happened quickly. We’re hoping a vet can examine her and give us more info. (These things are not always affordable). Lexy will have Sam’s other recent rescue, a little bunny named Stella, to keep her company, but Cookie, the friendly outgoing ‘leader’, will be sorely missed.

Cutest Animal Video of the Year!

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A colony of our rescues live in a ‘rabbitat’ at SALI’s Farm (the Semiahmoo Animal League Inc), an org that provides support therapy for at-risk kids with rescued animals. This is Vanilla Bean (Nippers when he was with us) sharing lunch with Louise the disabled rooster.

Story of Hershey

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Things aren’t working out for poor Hershey at the shelter. He’s quite possibly our friendliest, most personable rabbit (he’s our best Yoga bunny), but he hates being locked up, he’s a free-run-bun kinda guy. Double but… he really doesn’t get along well with other bunnies. We tried him in the adoptables colony where he could have lots of space. It worked out for a couple of weeks, but he was being a bit of a putz and some-bunny finally told him off with a bite on his eye. So now he’s on his own and locked up again. So Hershey needs a home. All the volunteers wants to adopt him, but we have either no free room or we have other bunnies he won’t get along with. Hershey does nip when he’s annoyed, but if you behave yourself, he’s the greatest bunny ever. Somebody REALLY needs to adopt him. (And bring him back for visits and yoga events!)

UPDATE: Hershey has a new home! One of our favourite adopters, Zane, fell in love with his story and offered up half a bedroom for our little love bug. He’s close by, so we will still be able to visit him AND pick him up for Bunny Yoga and the other events. He’ll still be our rock star.  Thanks Zane!

Little white baby!

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Deanna Hamm takes such good care of our special needs guys. She built a nest from loose bunny hair for the little baby picked up off the street earlier this week, and when he/she started to get the dreaded diarrhea stressed out babies are prone to, she nursed the little one back to proper poops. She’s also been keeping the little tyke warm and de-stressed with some reassuring cuddles, and she’s been getting some grooming in return. The baby isn’t out of the woods yet, but he or she is in very good hands.

The little white baby found on the street went to see Dr. Martinez at the Little Paws Animal Clinic today. The little tyke tested positive for parasites so he or she (still too young to tell) has been prescribed panacur and (expensive) supplements along with nutritious food (like Dr. Joseph’s own dandelion). Thankfully there’s no sign of coccidia or further signs of enteritis. Please donate to our Sick Bunny Fund to help us keep helping these rabbits!