Rabbitats Needs Farm Help

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Rabbitats will at least temporarily be placing some of our rabbits at a farm in Delta (Highway 99 and Ladner Trunk Road), and we’re looking for volunteers to check on them and give them food, water and hay daily, and clean out the two stalls on weekly.
We’re also hoping people can drop by with tree branches (apple, pear, willow), produce and pulled long grass.
Rabbitats has successfully rescued rabbits in a number of areas including the Richmond Auto Mall, and now we can turn our attention to other at-risk abandoned bunnies, IF we have enough volunteers.
The level of assistance we get from this ad will greatly help determine the future of our rescue and the fate of the many abandoned pet rabbits loose in so many areas.

If you can help please email rabbitats@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Rabbitina finds a home, hopefully!

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It looks like Rabbitina (or Tina) has a home with Darcy, or at least so far, so good. Tina was born at the shelter but we not only never knew who her daddy was, we weren’t totally sure who her mom was! Two moms picked up at the Auto Mall had their litters together right after we got them and we couldn’t tell whose were whose. But five were grey and then there was this feisty brown girl who looked nothing like any of the other Auto Mall rabbits. (We kept asking, ‘who’s your daddy?‘ But no-bunny was talking). She was initially inseparable from her sister Ernestine but not as much when they were old enough to be spayed and join the colony. Tina was always a terror at our events chasing the other bunnies, but she seems to have found her forever friend in Darcy. Thanks so much to Vlad and Carling. (And also thanks for the shop vac!) PS:Ernestine (or Ernie) is still available!

Crafters Needed!

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Crafters Needed!

We have the Pet Lovers Show coming up on Feb 24th. We need sales items to sell and also for other events we will have in the near future. Here is some crafting idea’s:

Key chains, knitted rabbits, sock bunnies, Easter craft items, small crafts that kids can purchase, etc. It does not need to be all bunny related.

Pinterest has some awesome idea’s.

Even looking for small cat & dog toys.

It does not need to be all craft related. We just need items to sell that are affordable to purchase.

Looking for someone to help me make pom pom bunnies. These sell like hot cakes. I have a extra pom pom maker. Supper easy to make while you are watching TV.

If you can help out in anyway please let me know.


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Four of our bigger bunnies lounging on top of the hay feeder… Olaf, Tonka, Butterscotch, and Munch… with little Roadie munching hay below. All available for adoption, some are single, some are bonded, but wouldn’t it be amazing if someone had room in their heart and their home for a bonded group of big bunnies?

Happy New Year

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Happy NEW YEAR from Rabbitats!

We are so very fortunate to have so many supporters.

We are truly blessed by the generosity of so many people that have donated to help out the bunnies. Without you we couldn’t do what we do, giving these rabbits a better life.

We might not say it often enough but we really need to THANK all the volunteers that have supported us in so many different ways. Your help, time, ideas, love for rabbits, driving, fostering, cleaning and so much more. WE couldn’t do it without our volunteers!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and all the very best in 2018!

Sorelle, Deanna & Kathy and of course ALL our furry friends!!!!

May all our bunnies stay safe and loved.