Looking for a foster home

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The super friendly big boy was dumped out of a car in Surrey along with a black bunny who hasn’t been seen since. A kind person was able to pick this one up but sadly she can’t keep him. We are now looking for a foster home for him.

New Babies

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We promised more info on the new babies… We knew there were two adult black rabbits living in an inaccessible area of the Auto Mall behind a solid construction fence. They had two kits in the summer, a grey and a black, we hadn’t seen them for awhile and feared the worst. Then a fluffle of babies appeared on the visible side of the fence and Deanna went into action. We now have all five babies — thanks to the last two babies going into the trap at the same time — and one of the juveniles. (More on him later). Yay Deanna! (NOTE: We’re very good about getting bunnies IN but we need more help getting them OUT! We could use a lot more adoption help!)

Hi, I’m a boy!

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“Hi, I’m a boy!” This little guy is a juvenile trapped at the Auto Mall the other night. He has what we call ‘Whistler dusting’, a dusting of white above his nose named after the first rabbit we caught with that same marking. A few of our ferals have it. This guy led us on a merry chase after he disappeared from his holding pen, but we found him hunkered down on a shelf in the storage room. His sister (we think) is still out there, hopefully they’ll be reunited soon. (On opposite sides of some bars, seeing as they’re not spayed/neutered!)


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Hershey, one of our sweetest, most awesome rabbits ever, is available for adoption. He really needs a home. He doesn’t like colony life, he wants to be a house bunny like he’s always been. He was born inside earlier this year and raised by fosters who loved him. He was adopted out with his brother Harley and came back when they started fighting. He was great with his litter box. He LOVES people. He’s pretty good at yoga, too.

‘Tis the season… for moulting!

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‘‘Tis the season… for moulting! Bunnies should be given a little canned pumpkin in these hairy times, it’s a nice wet fibre that will help keep all that fuzz moving through the gut. They may not like it right off the bat but they will develop a taste for it. Our sweet 4.5 year old black bunny siblings Dolly and Lamby just presented us with a twelve-poop chain and it’s not the first time. Dolly in particular experiences an intense moult, and Deanna has had to nurse her through GI Stasis episodes in the past. They’ll be getting their pumpkin and kept under close observation.