Hiccup finds a new friend.

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Our bunny girl Hiccup was adopted in Dec 2016 along with Blackie, one of our Island boys; sadly, we recently lost Blackie, as his chronic ear infection had flared up again, causing severe head tilt and other complications (see previous post).
Their adoptive moms Tiffany and Randi didn’t want her to be lonely without Blackie (or to get used to living without a bunny friend), so Hiccup came to the shelter to meet some of our boys… and once again she chose a black Island boy to buddy up with.
Here is a video of Hiccup and Nezzie together in their carrier, ready to go home with their family.

RIP Blackie

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We’ve lost Blackie and we’re devastated. :'( He’s had a chronic ear infection, it had been under control before this recent flare-up that caused major head tilt and other issues. He was trying so hard to get better (and Deanna had been trying so hard to make him better) but in spite of twice daily shots and supportive care, he didn’t make it through the night. Our hearts go our to his moms Tiffany and Randi, and his bunny partner Hiccup.  This has been an awful week for black bunnies, we’ve lost Tommy Lee, Chad and now Blackie.
(And Toby, a black(ish) lionhead who had been bonded to Kirky, also passed away this week, Kirky is now back with us). Sad humans and bunnies. 

Bunny dating

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What a difference a day makes in the dating game! It didn’t work out with Roadie (see post below), he just wasn’t giving Pekoe the attention she ws demanding and they both started resenting each other so rather than forcing the issue, her guardians opted to bring Pekoe back to meet a few more gentlebuns. Deanna opted to try grey dutch Ace and a tort boy who had just been returned to us a year or so after being adopted out with our little harlequin girl, Turtle. The tort boy (they had named him Muffin but that won’t do at all) wasn’t doing well in the colony and Turtle had henpecked him anyway, so Deanna thought he might be happier in a quiet home with another girl and she was right. They’ve been getting along great. 🙂 (Sorry Ace, maybe next time).