Bunny Party in the Works!!

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Rabbitats just got word that we can use the empty garage out at the Richmond Auto Mall to temporarily house rescued bunnies AND to stage more events to support them!!

KEEP THE DATE(S) – NOVEMBER 17 and/or 18th!!!

We will probably throw a garage sale on the Saturday (Nov. 17th) and give away a lot of free stuff to make some room, and then stage a smallish ‘Hoppy Hour’ style bunny party on Sunday (Nov. 18) and invite people to bring their bunnies for some playtime.

Check out this Hoppy Hour  video!
We will be looking for volunteers to help set it up, man it and promote it.
We’d love to combine it with a small crafts sale if people can donate enough things.
We will definitely do bunny pictures with Santa!  (We’ll need a Santa, a set and a photographer, any takers there?)
Stay tooned!!

Letter To A Bunny Dumper

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Dear Former Guardian:
What were you thinking? Really.
I have your bunny. I’m tempted to post a eulogy for your rabbit and let you think that he was dead. He would have been, a few hours later. It was a total fluke the right rabbit person (me) drove by at that place (a nature park) and time (before dusk).

There are hundreds of abandoned domestic rabbits and their offspring out there, a lot of them are colourful little guys. But out of the corner of my eye, as we whizzed by, this one seemed… different. I did my chores, and went back.
My instincts were right. It was a purebred long-haired harlequin Jersey Wooly or Lionhead on the nature park side of a busy corner connecting a major highway with the road that runs in front of a busy auto mall.
He was munching hesitantly on grass, wary, but friendly. He was easy to grab.
I’m sure the coyote with the den nearby would have thought the same thing.
So what were YOU thinking?
Did you dump him off at the Nature Park thinking there were no predators? Hardly.
But maybe you dropped him off at the Auto Mall. Their rabbits have been in the news lately. DId you think he’d have a lot of little friends and even get rescued?
Well it doesn’t work that way.
Your sweet little rabbit is all full of bite marks. One of his testicles is horribly swollen. His ‘little friends’ probably beat the crap out of him and chased him to the road.
And he was one of the lucky ones who actually made it to the other side. Four or five a day don’t.
He probably didn’t know he was going from the frying pan to the fire — the nature park enemies have much bigger teeth.
But he’s here with me now. By pure chance. Nobody normally rescues these rabbits. And certainly nobody’s out looking for abandoned house bunnies
His beautiful long silky coat is one big mat housing burrs and thistles. He’s hopping funny probably due to his injuries.
But what an outgoing and friendly little guy he is! He comes when he’s called (although it’s ‘hey you!’ at his point). He’s following me around like a puppy. He’s a dream bunny.
You’re a nightmare. How anyone could abandon a love bug like him? it’s beyond me.
What were you thinking?

Wood Be Welcome!

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 Big thanks to the Granville Island theatre group that gave us some wood already half-way to being a row of wooden box ‘burrows’ for the rescue and sanctuary bunnies! Thanks Jessie!  Its still all crammed in the bunny bus!

Bunny Image Donated, Car Shots Sought

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Thanks to Chun Fu for donating this gorgeous photo to the Richmond Auto Mall bunny rescue.  This big-eyed sweetheart will beautifully decorate cards, calendars and other graphics.  Please keep an eye on our webstore! Meanwhile we’re asking photographers to keep an eye open for any opportunities to photograph rabbits in toy cars, preferable high-end scale model ride ones, but any toy car, truck, fire engine or motorcycle will do.


Auto Mall Bunnies Still Producing Babies, But Not For Long

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If the Richmond Auto Mall rabbits have read the same manual as the biologists, breeding season should soon be winding down.  Few if any babies are expected to be born from November to the end of January.

If that’s true, this little guy might be the last of his ilk for awhile.


As noted in the blog (http://http://puppy52art.com/blog/feral-bunny-stalking-2), the baby came running up to photographer Chun as soon as he saw her.

Trapping traditionally starts when breeding season ends to ensure no babies are left in the nests, and when the rabbits are hungrier and easier to trap.  The Auto Mall hopes to work with the provincial government to get permission to do so during this narrow window.

Please consider donating, adopting or volunteering by calling the BunnyHop Line at (604) 273-3243.

Bracelets For Bunnies!!

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back row: Emma, Maya, Carlyn, Kathy;  front row: Sarah, Sofia, Ally, Brooke


A group of young North Shore girls from Blueridge Elementary has made our day, if not our week!  The girls’ teacher, Mr. Wyatt, had read their class a newspaper article about all the abandoned pet rabbits as a critical thinking exercise.  All the kids showed concern, but the eight girls felt compelled to take it one step further and raise some money to help save the bunnies.
They each made bracelets, some braided, some beaded, some that looked like rabbits!
School principal Kathy Kee gave them permission to sell the bracelets after school on the school grounds one day a week for three weeks and it was a whopping success.
They raised close to $280 dollars!
They saw another story detailing the plight of the Richmond Auto Mall rabbits and the plan to save them, they called the BunnyHop Line. With the Auto Mall matching those funds, it becomes an even more substantial $560!!
  • RabbitFact: $560 will cover eight spay or neuters, 35 bales of hay or 300 feet of ground wire.  🙂

Media Campaign Puts a Spotlight on the Richmond, BC, Rabbits

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The Richmond Auto Mall’s recent press release is generating positive action for the hundreds of abandoned rabbits in Richmond, BC, with almost all the major media outlets covering the story.

Please see our Media page for the links, we’ll try and keep up with them all!

Global TV unfortunately read the phone number wrong on their newscast, apologies to Herman & Son Plumbing & Heating (and thanks for passing on the calls!)  Again, the correct number to leave messages about donating, volunteering or adopting is the BunnyHop Line at 604-273-3243.

Email is even better — drop rabbitats@gmail.com a line.  🙂

A link for online donations to the Richmond Auto Mall Cares non-profit trust will be up shortly.

Richmond Auto Mall Cutting Rabbit Rescue Red Tape

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 A Letter From Gail Terry, Richmond Auto Mall, Concerning the Auto Mall’s Bunnies.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Thousands of abandoned pet rabbits and their feral offspring are populating many dangerous areas of the city of Richmond, BC, and none more dangerous than the Richmond Auto Mall.

With rabbits dying daily on the roads around the property and with many dealerships heading into a heavy period of construction, it has become imperative that these little critters are moved to safety immediately if not sooner.

RAM has identified properties these rabbits can go to and is willing to contribute towards their spays and neuters and help develop ‘rabbitats’ to house the bunnies.  The Auto Mall has even arranged to donate a vehicle to the cause.

But much of the last year has been spent trying to navigate the politics of rabbit rescue and address the legalities.

A domestic pet rabbit is reclassified as wildlife as soon as he/she is abandoned. ‘Fluffy’ can’t be recaptured without a permit, and permit applications are only supported with a very, very narrow criteria and an awful lot of red tape.

The provincial government has repeatedly told us that their preference is that the rabbits are killed, and that is an option we will never support.

The Auto Mall, the various levels of government and the citizens concerned about the safety of the rabbits need to come together, pitch in, eliminate the red tape and move these rabbits.

The rabbits are a contentious political issue for both municipalities and the province, as evidenced by the recent media referencing the Corporation of Delta’s problems with their rabbit re-location efforts.

(see:  http://www.southdeltaleader.com/news/170370116.html).

But with winter coming, the Auto Mall and the rabbits can no longer wait for the politics to sort themselves out, thus they will be moving forward by preparing the locations that have already been offered for these rabbits.  RAM will also be putting out a call for homes to adopt these rabbits and land to host ‘rabbitats’ while concurrently working on permission to do so.

The Auto Mall is appealing to all animal lovers and nature fans to help with the relocation project.

To volunteer, adopt or donate, please call our BunnyHop Line at 604-273-3243.

or email we-care@richmondautomall.com or Rabbitats rabbit rescue at rabbitats@gmail.com.


Gail Terry
General Manager
Richmond Auto Mall Association