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rabbitats advocacy poster 1

We are seeing some movement on the government front. Thank you to Richmond East MLA Linda Reid and Richmond mayor Malcolm Brodie for stepping in on our behalf, and as always, huge kudos to Gail Terry of the Richmond Auto Mall for standing up for the abandoned bunnies (and their offspring) dumped on their property!  (The rabbits are considered invasive ‘wildlife’ by the provincial government, they want them dead).

Our gov’t reps have received directives or at least queries from the Minister in charge.  We’ve prepared a response and collected letters of support from veterinarians and the permitted sanctuary and expect some answers soon. The gist remains that:

1) many of the rabbits are too small and fragile to adhere to the provincial government’s ‘export only’ policy that dictates that all of our rescued rabbits must be sent to a sanctuary in Washington State as part of their ‘export only’ policy.
2) They are willing to look at allowing us to ‘adopt’ out rabbits rather than ‘export’ them.
3) The government still needs to look at the definitions of their own policy regarding ‘adoptions’.

A separate meeting with another arm of Fish & Wildlife (the responsible dept) was also enlightening. They seemed to also be more receptive to our small colony and rural adoption initiatives, but we still need to be allowed to do so.
That meeting also yielded a strong plea from the department for the rabbit rescue community to organize itself into a more cohesive group with a more unified voice. Rescue dissension, conflicting information, opposing goals, ‘alarmist’ media and other problems are greatly affecting the government’s ability and desire to properly tackle the issue.

Once the app is on your iPad

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new deadpool easter egg hunt apparently

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Rabbitats Sequim Sanctuary Update – 11-10-13

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Rebecca PLAS 1 view up the hill

We’ve been working hard and long on helping the Precious Life Animal Sanctuary find a way to repair their netting (a difficult task especially when travel involves a border, a bridge and a ferry making it a 4 to 5 hour trek). Many thanks to those who offered their assistance for our scheduled work parties, but we didn’t need the help after all.  We had an AMAZING offer from a United States Navy and Marine volunteer platoon (30 soldiers!!) out of Bangor, WA, to come out and pitch in!
However, during our advance trips down there it was determined that the existing netting is at the end of its lifespan, it needs to be replaced, not repaired, including ideally much of the support structure, an expensive undertaking.  We have researched and found a stronger, more resistant and less expensive style of netting (thanks so much to Kit and Pete at the Rivers Wish sanctuary in Spokane and Gina Matthews here in Richmond, BC, for the great tips!).  This brings the costs down, but we have a ways to go.
Even with funding in place, the netting required special-order materials that could not arrive before the cold weather. We won’t send our garage bunnies outside without a chance to acclimatize, and PLAS won’t take the rabbit village and its inhabitants without the netting in place, so we’ll use the time to do additional fundraising, approach sponsors and make capital grant applications.
We will be asking the Ministry for a permit to continue holding the rabbits at their current location in the Auto Mall garage, and/or at one of the other holding areas offered to us, until the PLAS netting issue is resolved, or the government gives us permission to relocate them elsewhere.
If anybody can donate to the sanctuary’s Broken Netting Fund, thank you, the link is here: